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Boba Fett: Enemy of the New Republic

Nar Shadaa was foul city, where trade and betray was a common thing amog all the people, yet, the rotting society, allow them to continue, the stench of evil was among all the fouled alleys the thieves lurked everywhere to steal the lesser things they could steal to the poor people.

The vice within the police in the task force in all the city spread under the control of the mob, in every corner a foul trader could be found, and also the worst kind of female company as well as a smuggler.

Bars, gambling, cantinas, smuggling were just part of the things Nar Shadaa could offer, rotten things.

The Sarlacc's tentacles was a very popular cantina on Nar-Shadaa, even when it had some of the best drinks in the planet, it also had the service of waitresses who also in the midnight sung and dance for the public.

This day presented an advertisement at the front door that red "Waitress needed preferable humans or near humans".

At this time the bar was closed, in few hours it'll open again for a successful night like the others, a night where gamorreans will argue, sullustans will made bargains, Ithorians will drink something, Rodians will kill somebody and duros will be present to continue the fight.

In this place some smugglers hid from the police, and thieves found the best time to made new victims.

A human female entered the cantina, as she walked the atmosphere became darker as well as heavy the respiration was difficult, she had from 20 to 25 years-old, in human years.

Her name was Zennya , and she needed the work, Nar-Shadaa was not the perfect place to live, among assassins, and gangsters, of course they were a little stopped by the New Republics laws for Nar-Shadaa, yet the place was still hostile, she will just gather some credits for the journey to New Alderaan, or perhaps Coruscant or Naboo, she did not entirely decided to which planet leave, she just wanted to get away from there pretty fast.

At the end of the cantina an employer was revising something on the papers, he was a t'wilek, he turned to her and after looking at her for a few seconds, returned to see his papers.

-What do you want? We are closed.-said tiredly the t'wilek

-I came for the job-replied the woman.

He didn't turned his head to see the woman, while he was sat he spoke:

-You start tonight,the payment is 90 credits the month, no sitting with the consumers, do not provoke the rodians, go get your uniform, it's on the backstage, later you can meet the others, at midnight you sing and dance.-

Even when the Sarlacc's tentacles was a very popular place to spend a night, it could be compared with the repulsive spaceport called Mos Eisley.

In the last room of the Sarlacc's tentacles a near-human of some age finished to read the last document before the night start and the cantina open.

His name was Yamat, he was not the expected manager of the cantina but a ruthless near-human that made and scenario, for the slave-trade as well as drug and organs smuggling.

He looked to a screen and saw the new hired girl, then by pushing a button the image change and now he was seeing the dressing-rooms, the girl entered and slowly started to change her clothes.An evil smile appeared in the face of Yamat.

Suddenly someone knocked 4 paused times on the door, he turned off the monitor and said:

-Come in, Zealon.-

The door opened and eight figures entered in the room.

-Are those the body guards I asked you?- said the near human.

Zealon a Rodian underworld lord, entered in the room, followed by 2 other rodians, 2 gamorreans and 3 duros.

-Are those the bodyguards I asked you?- said Yamat

-[Not entirely, I can offer you these two body guards]- said the rodian

- It'll be perfect, we have now a deal.-

- [I keep my word, Do you keep it also?] - asked the rodian.

- The drugs will be sold, don't worry about it.-

- [I'm not the one that should worry, near-human.]-

The door opened and the t'wilek entered in the room.

-Master, it's time to reopen-

The Near-human turned his head to the rodian, and smiled.

- I buy you a drink, the house special, it's the best from Corellia.- said the near-human.

The Slave 1 landed in the spaceport of Nar Shadaa, a figure in a dark cloak stepped outside, in the middle of the mist of the ship. No one could distinguish that the figure wore a helmet, and that he was dangerous.

The figure moved out side the hangar, and started to move in all the crowd, then he left the market just to enter in the dark side of the city.

As he moved in the streets he could see how rotten the city was now. Rapidly, he saw a near-human female, that was in a corner and approached to her

-I need to ...-, but Fett was interrupted by the female as she approached to him.

-I know what you need, we can have a great time together.-said the woman as she approached her face to his helmet.--Not now woman, I need to find someone who runs a cantina in Nar Shadaa.-

- The woman looked at him angry, but finally said -Talk with the Toidarians two blocks down.

Fett walked the two blocks just to find a clandestine casino, Fett entered and saw immediately a Toidarian, who was arguing with a Gungan.

He walked to the two aliens among all the frenetic crowd, when he reached them, he took the Gungan by the neck and said -I need to talk with the toidarian right now, go.-

{Who do you think you are? Huh? Some kind of Mr. All-attitude?}

-I am Mr. All-attitude- stated Fett as he showed the Toidarian the Blastech EE-3.

-{You are...}-

-Yes I am, I'm looking for a man named Yamat-

-(I don't know no one with that name.)-

-Perhaps this will refresh your memory- said Fett as he gave him 50 credits.

-{Ah!, He runs a bar er... cantina in the downtown, with the name of "The Sarlacc's tentacles" is all I can say.}

- Interesting name-

-{You made it famous}-

Midnight, the time to start to dance had came, and all the waitresses went, behind the scenario, the show would start in no time.

The dark figure entered and sat near the corner and stayed there quietly, soon a gamorrean completely drunk came near him and cried:

-(I know you)-

The figure stood up and quickly broke the neck of the gamorrean. As the lifeless body fell in the chair the dark figure stated: -If you knew me, now the secret will go with you to the grave.-

Boba Fett sat again and enjoyed the spectacle.

The spectacle was very interesting, all the females that worked in the bar,danced and one singed, as the spectacle continued, the laugh, comments of all the aliens made a heavy atmosphere to breath in.

The spectacle end. and all the waitresses returned to their job some of the rodians approached to the rodian female, and started to talk with her,later they invited her to join them.

-Why is she sitting with the customers?- asked Zennya.

-She will get some credits,if she wastes her time with those gangsters.-answered Kara a near-human-if you want a little bit more of credits, you'll have to act like this.-

The woman started to walk to a table where three humans and one Mon-Calamari were talking, they appreciate her company as she started to sit with one human, at the same time she touched his shin.Then she turned to Zennya, smiled and pointed with the finger the figure in the cloak.

She started to walk to the dark figure and when she arrived said:

Do you want to order something,sir?-

Fett didn't answered, he just stayed there, like a silent predator expecting his prey.

Zennya never did this but, then she changed her manners and she approached her hand to his face a forearm stopped her, a forearm that had a blaster strapped to it.The figure look up and rapidly took her by the hand.

She looked inside the cloak and saw a helmet, a feared helmet in all the territories in the galaxy, a mandalore helmet, with his very owner, a man named Boba Fett.

She was about to scream but then contained herself.

-Sit down woman we have things to talk.-said Fett calmly

-Oh no, we have nothing to discuss!.-

-I said sit down.-

[ ]Translated from the rodian.

{ } Translated from the Toidarian.

( )Translated from the gamorrean.

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