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Boba Fett: Enemy of the New Republic

For years the Rebellion had fought the empire leaving alone all the planets.

The governments without the aid of the Empire or the Rebellion fall in corruption after all these decades of civil war.

Now the New Republic will face the consequences.

The space, the darkness itself, deepless, endless and unforgiving, there exists millions of star in it, yet right now something move rapidly towards the nearest planet, a planet called Nal Hutta.

Nal Hutta means in huttese "Precious Pearl", homeland of the hutts, Nal Hutta really earned it's name few were the planets with such beautiness, even thought the hutts had estriyede part of the planet by constructing pleasure gardens, clans , or palaces, yet the planet remained as beautiful as it was once.

Past the mid-day still the temperature of the planet was comfortable, the star that could interact with the planet as a sun gave a golden touch to the leaves in the trees as well as the rivers and falls, the planet also had many different colors in it from blue to purple, yellow to orange. With such silence, all noises could be perfectly heard, the noise of the falls, the songs of the birds, and roaring of other type of animals. Some quamilla past to through the landscape giving to it little movement, as well as the clouds in the sky, who moved like slowly banthas.

Approaching from the far east a spaceship past through the landscape scaring all type of animals and changing its direction towards the northern part of the forest-jungle, the quamilla now looked for a place to hide in the trees.

The pilot made some arrangements and prepared the ship to land in the hidden hangar from the palace of a hutt. The monstrous sound woke up the sleeping guard, who at first thought of a new assault by an enemy clan, or a raging beast, yet it was a space ship. Not just a spaceship like everyone's else but a special one, one he had been waiting a spaceship called Slave 1.

The guard growled something to himself and took up the communicator, at the screen appeared a near human, with a stupid face.

-Inform the master- he paused for a second- that Boba Fett himself has arrived-

-Yes- said the other one in the screen

The gate opened and two fat gamorreans came out of the darkness, with their green colored flesh they made a great contrast with all the plants that had grown in that secret hangar. Both of them had staffs in their hands and stood in front of the Slave 1 waiting for the bounty hunter.

Minutes pased and at last the door of the space ship opened in the middle of some mist, waiting in the shadows, a dark figure started to walk his way down.

-Show me the way- said the bounty hunter- now!

The gamorrean moved his head in an affirmative way.

Turned around and star walking to the dark passage which they came from, and leaved the hangar, after the departure of the group, the guard closed the door, leaving the hangar in a complete silence and sunk in a complete darkness.

In the main room of the palace Malecon the hutt was resting, waiting for Boba Fett, with his big red eyes closed.

-The bounty hunter has arrived master- said the servant.

The hutt started to laugh and the laugh became more and more strong.

-Now Kardan Zul will know what means to double-cross me, show the bounty hunter his way to this room. -

-Yes master- answered the servant and left the room, that was barely illuminated.

The hutt stopped laughing and turned to his back, like waiting for a reply of the darkness.

The halls were barely illuminated, and the gamorreans walked rather difficult, this was no problem for Boba Fett who walked completely normal as he was walking under the sun of Nal Hutta, and the way was completely illuminated.

The gamorrean turned to see if Boba Fett had the same problems as them waiting the time when he will saw Boba Fett trip, yet this did not happened and the gamorrean turned to see again the corridor, expecting not to trip himself.

At the end of the corridor the light was very intense so the gamorreans had to cover their eyes, this was no problem for Boba Fett who admired the pleasure gardens of the Hutt.

Before him lied one of the most beautiful gardens in all Nal Hutta, the richness of the Hutt could be admired.

The gamorreans were now ready to start walking again they walked through the main walk-path, that divided the garden in two parts, in some parts of the garden some rocks, and columns stood like undead expecting to see again what they once were.

There was no doubt that the Hutt constructed his palace over the ruins of a lost civilization, that now was something to embellish more the garden.

Now they were entering the palace, it had more exquisite decoration and made that the garden looked like just a play ground, it had many different halls and rooms for the different activities the clan might realize within that palace.

-Ah! Bounty hunter,-said the Hutt-I've been waiting for you-

-You wanted to speak to me, -started to say the hunter-I understand you wish to assign me for a mission on Nar Shadaa.-

-Not exactly Nar Shadaa...-Said calmly the Hutt, as Fett started to walk at his side heading to one of the rooms, when they reach the room, Fett analyze it completely, and turned to the Hutt.

-One of the contacts of Kardan Zul is there, one of my spies spotted him running a dirty cantina, Kardan Zul made to me many wrongs, informing The New Republic of the trade routes I had for the narcotics as well as for the drugs is the worst he did to me.-

-And the smugglers?-asked the hunter.

-Imprisoned.-concluded the Hutt

-Who else is in this room?-asked Fett calmly

The atmosphere now turned heavy and the Hutt started to become nervous.

Nobody, F-Fett.

Do not try to double-cross me, Malecon I know there's somebody else here, in this room and if you don't tell me who they are and to came out of the shadows, I'll kill each of them.-

The Hutt froze completely and after catching his breath, he continued.

-Kardan Zul was not only working for me, he also worked for several, clans in Nal Hutta, the result was the same as mine.-finished the Hutt as many other Hutts approached to them.

-What did Kardan Zul earned by betraying all of you?- asked Fett.

-The imprison of the smugglers, and then after the Republic secured the cargo he hacked the Republic system giving the cargo a new destiny, in the computer it appeared as if it was destroyed, yet he has done a fortune out of us.-

-We want you to find him as well as his contact and bring them to us.- said one of the Hutts.

-bounty hunting is my job, Yet Nar Shadaa is one of the main planets of the New Republic, bounty hunting is not allowed there, and the contact whose name is...- Fett stopped waiting that Malecon would say to him the name.

-Yamat-answered the Hutt.

-He will not came out of the planet for any circumstance, difficult but do-able, a million...-said the hunter

-You will have it Fett.- said another Hutt.

-Before the job is done , when I came back, I want the other million- finished Fett

-Expensive as always, but is the laws, and the New Republic a problem?-asked the Hutt

The servant brought the credits while the hutts talked to Boba Fett

-Was the Empire a problem?-replied Fett.

-No it never was, for you.-finished the Hutt.

-Then you've gave to yourself the answer, Hutt.- said the mandalorian as he revised the credits.

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