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Boba Fett: Enemy of the New Republic

It was a dark night, a night like any other on Nar Shadaa,yet this one was different, a storm was coming.

Walking through the dark streets a female figure moved rapidly,she was completely alone,nobody here, or there, just the sound of the coming storm, which left a freezing sense in her body

Her name was Zennya, and she hated this city, perhaps because it took away her family long time ago or perhaps because it was a rotten city, which she couldn't got out of it.

Now she could felt the pindrops, in her face, hands and hair, she took a quick look to the sky and rushed to a near house.

She entered the house which she called home,by that time the storm was unleashed with terrible lightnings,she closed the door, took a deep breath and sat down on a chair.

Perhaps she made a mistake by asking Fett to take her to New Alderaan, the bounty hunter was a complete mysterie in all the rim territories, many legends as well as miths, were around the last mandalorian.

Yet she made what no one asked Fett to do, at least with out paying him, now, all she could do was to remember what happend in the cantina...

Her thoughts started to pass in front of her. Memories of the pact made this night.

-I said sit down!-

Boba Fett took her by the wrist and made her to sat on the front chair.

-What do you want?-asked desperately Zennya.

-First your name, your true name.-


-Good, Zennya, who runs this cantina?-

-I don't know, I was hired this morning, I swear.-

-Who hired you?-

-The T'wilek on that corner.- she said as her finger pointed to the alien.

Fett turned and look to the alien and then whispered -It's not him, Damn it!-then he took out from his pocket a 3D image in which Yamat appeared.

-Have you ever seen this man before?-

-Yes once this afternoon, I finished changing my clothes and then he appeared and talked with the T'wilek.-

-Very interesting,listen, for the next 3 days I'll come back and sit here in this same place and you'll inform me of what's happening, as well asyou inform me, bring to me a beer.-

-What do I earn with all this?-

-I can give you...-but he was rapidly interrupted by Zennya.

-A trip to Coruscant.-she stated.


-No, Coruscant.-

-New Alderaan or nothing, got it?-

-All right...-

Will he took her to New Alderaan?, she was very tired to thought about that, she will just sleep for now...

Meanwhile deep within the city the bounty hunter roamed the desert streets in search of different escape routes, indeed Shadaa had many, but some had New Republic patrols, and now one of the squadrons head to his place.

He must hide in some place, even when the cloak covered him completely, the patrol will no doubt to check him.

The patrol passed and didn't saw him, he was hidden between two trash cans that also were in the shadows.

The best idea was to return to the hangar and check the Slave 1.

As he entered to the hangar, he saw a man probably robbed lying on the floor, he was wounded and kept warm over the entrance of a sewer, Fett had an idea.

The door of the hangar opened noisily and with a little light the Slave 1 was illuminated with a neon light.

At the right side of the spacecraft a little entrance could be saw, it was the best escape route, yet he will have to explore it.

He went down to the sewers on an old ladder,inside the sewers the thin light from above barely illuminated the sewer passage that was sunk in the complete darkness, the pestilence within them was unbearable, no human could breath in it, but these odors were no problem for the hunter.

Something made a little noise, as the smell of fresh flesh made it's presence in the sewer.

Fett moved in the sewer, between garbage, spoiled food and dead animals,and a dead alien, an Ithorian, that was very mysterious, to complete the scene the little pin drops could be heard in all the passage, roots filled with mud were every where in the name of a legacy of some tree that was in a past time, there.

-Computer,I need a map of the complete sewers passage.-the sound of the voice of Fett filled the void within the passage.-

Something moved again.

This time Fett heard it and turned, he started to thought that the sound came from the front, Or, was it from the back?, no!, from the left?, or the right?, maybe below, or from above?, this time he was confused and then concluded - Or maybe everywhere...-

The Mandalore took out his Blastech EE-3 and a gun from his pocket, Boba Fett loaded all his "artillery" and prepared for battle, as he moved towards the tiny light that came from above in the Hangar.

It was a colony or better said a nest of a characteristic animal from the sewers.


Something roared behind him as he turned, he saw a large tentacle that in no time took him by the neck and another one took his right arm, then, turning his head to the darkness he saw several huge Dianogas who awaited some one to come down from the upper world and fed upon it's flesh.

Fett tried to reach the ladder, his left hand was very close just a few more millimeters and he would reach the ladder and could then fight the monsters. The thin light barely illuminated his hand.

Another tentacle took his hand and brought the hand back to the darkness, the hand vanished difficulty to the dark sewer.

Fett loaded his weapons again and prepared for battle as the monsters carry him to the lower levels of the sewers...

She woke up in the middle of the storm, not by the noise but by the sound of someone trying to took down the door silently, a thief.

Zennya went to the bedroom and took out a blaster pistol. The bastard would pay for that.

The lock of the principal door opened silently and the two black figures of gamorreans appeard and entered silently.

They started to look for something valuable and started to tear the place apart.

Zennya took a deep breath, loaded the blaster and silently took her shoe and threw it to the next bedroom.

The gamorreans heard it and one said -{Someone is in that room}.-

-{Kill him}-

Her sweat started to run down on her face,she started to felt completly nervous, she bought the gun several years ago, but never used it, until that night.

The gamorrean moved towards the passage to reach the room,a sudden sound made him turn to Zennya, and charged against her.Before he relized his mistake Zennya shot him, and the lifeless body of the gamorrean fell at her side.

She was scared and realizing she forgot another bussiness, the other gamorrean, she turn just to see a blaster in front of her face.

And thinking her life had ended, her world sunk on the complete darkness and then, she fainted...

The waters increased and the sewer passage was almost filled with dark waters,Fett still fought the Dianogas in the sewers, as he runned out and climbing to the upper levels, the Dianogas appeared every where, trying to ate him.

-You'll not have me!!!-shouted the hunter, as he shot his Blastech,whose laser blasts opened the way through the passage.

Yet he thought that he'll never finish with all the monsters as he kept firing at them, he closed a little bit his eyes, and behind the helmet itself the man named Boba fett, smiled, a harpoon will do the complete job.

He took out he harpoon, aimed it to the coming trample of Dianogas and fired.

The harpoon holded all the monsters, who roared to the hunter trying to hold him with their tentacles. Fett took out a little sphere that, when he pressed the button a little red light started to blink.

Fett threw the termal detonator to the group of Dianogas who gathered it thinking it was some kind of food, and then the hunter ran to cover himself from the explosion.

The explosion was devastating for the Dianogas, as their screams could be heard in all the passage,and the passage started fall apart, if the mandalorian did not rush out of that level he will find his grave under Nar Shadaa.

He started ro run trying to escape from the levels, as he runned he thought about the dead Ithorian that he found on the upper level, he died at the tentacles of the Dianoga.

The hangar was completely silent, Boba Fett arrived from below it and then, he went out of the sewer, It was almost dawn, a dawn that could be difficult to name as the sun rise, the foul mists, made it a polluted morning.

Fett had to rest after he closed the "sewer escape route" he found yesterday, for now he will rest inside the Slave 1, in the night he will return to The Sarlacc's Tentacles.

The second day Zennya informed Fett, that she spotted Yamat, in the first hours of the day.

-He's doing something in the bar I've saw also Rodians, with him-

-Very interesting, I'll stay the whole evening and then to spot the Near-Human.-

Fett took a look to her arm it was somehow a little purple, some how like beaten, she hide it from the view of clients, at last he asked:

-What happened to your arm?-

-None of your business, hunter-

The third day and the last Fett went to the cantina, he saw something he didn't notice before, a New Republic Patrol. They were 12 soldiers who passed in front of the cantina, for the next day he'll have to do the work fast.

If he did not, he will have to come face to face with the soldiers.

One turned his back to saw the hunter, who wore the cloak.

-That guy looks very strange, captain.-

-Maybe some vagabond.-stated the captain and then they kept walking through the desolate, alleys.

The last day came, Zennya prepared her things for the trip, and left them in the dressing-room, now she will inform Fett of the new partner of Yamat, Zealon the gangster.

She came out from the room and saw immediately Fett, in the same place, in the same attitude, and in the search of his new prey.

Zennya approached to the mandalore, and as she gave him a drink she whispered-What will you do?, the gangster is at the other side of the cantina.

Fett stood up and strted to walk through all the crowd, and as he was walked he approached more and more to the walkway, and then to the door where Yamat hide. Silently the lock of the door started to move, little by little until the door opened.

Inside the room a near-human was looking at the screens,with a glass of water in his hand,somehow he felt the sense that someone was in the room.

-What the...

A blaster was near his head,a hand took him by the neck and a cold voice spoke to him.-We all have to die, Yamat,the only question is when?, where? and how?, you'll die if you don't tell me where is Kardan Zul.-

-I don't know!-as Yamat said this a fist punched him right on the nose.

-For the second time Yamat, Where is Kardan Zul?!!-

-I said I-don't-know!!-

This time the hunter took Yamat by the neck and smashed his face against the screen,one, two, and then three times.

-For the last time Where??!!-

-Please, no more...he is in Coruscant,

Suddenly the door exploded and two duros entered in the room, as they started to fire the blaster pistols, Fett covered with the body of Yamat.

-Oh, no Stop!!!...

It was too late for him, as he screamed those words the duros blasted him.-{I've got an intruder, Zealon!!!!, he killed Yamat}*.-

At the other side ion the cantina Zealon and his men rushed to the room, as they ran to it, the body of one Duro, flew over them just to land loudly over a table.

Many customers and the waitresses were scared, and some started to ran away from the bar others stayed for the fight. Among all of them Zennya waited for the mandalore.

-[Kill the hunter!!!!]*-shouted Zealon.

Outside the midnight brought with it a storm a electric storm, uncommon in these cities of the planet,and with the storm the patrol started to move to the cantina.

The voice of the patrolman was not very clear, the interferece and the noise of the storm made rahter difficult for the central to hear him

Command center, this is patrol 984,I've got a fight in the Sarlacc's Tentacles, we need back up right now, its very unusual!!!,I request back-up the situation is a code 7, I repeat code 7!!!

Roger, number 984, units, 985 and 983, will back up you in 5 minutes,the unit must enter and arrest the law breakers.

All right people, we are going in, so let's move it and arrest those bastards.


-[I'll have your head, hunter!!!]-shouted Zealon as another rodian fell over a table, with a smoking blast in his chest.

Fett saw another door at the other side of the room, he took the body of the duro and use it as a human-shield, as he ran to reach the door.

Fett used now a box as a shield, at the back of it he said-Computer,I need a map of the south part of the city and start the reviosion on all systems, in ten minues start the engines!!-

-{Time to die, Fett!!}-Said a Gamorrean near the box, as he prepared his staff to kill the hunter.

Another blast bilded anoyther life within that room -Seems, that you'll need my help-said Zennya as she blew the smoke of her blaster.-I didn't request it,but...Get down!!!!-

The laser rain didn't stopped, and they were trapped within it.

-Quickly, we can reach the back door, that one.-said Fett as he pointed to a black door on the bottom of the room.

-It's too far-

-Then, maybe you'll want to make company to that rodian-

-Greeotor!!!- shouted Zealon -finish the hunter!!-

A tall rodian enterd the room he was dressed in red and blue outfits as two vibroblades hung from his belt,he had no weapons or blasters than his blades.

-Uh oh, I think this means problems- said Zennya.

-Good thinking, now run for it!-

Out from the Cantina, on the street, the rain had already started as many drops inmediately covered the hunters clothes and helmet as well as Zennya.

The out fits now were more heavy

With a quick action Fett made the girl started to ran from the place, yet a shadow stopped.

Two gangsters, a gamorrean and a duro came ot from the cantina and head to the hunter as they fired their blasters.

The noise of the storm and the noise of the blasters were confuse to Zennya, she just thought to drop over the floor.

Suddenly the gangsters stopped and let the "shadow" pass.

The rodian stood in front of Fett and slowly took out the two vibroblades, in second he prepared for battle.

Fett prepared also and then he just said -Let's dance-

Inmediately the two fighters rushed agains each other, as the rodian striked against Fett, this one stopped the hits with the gauntlets,as they fought a spark rain surrounded them.

Fett had a disadvantage, the rodian was faster

Suddenly Fett felt that a pair of arms stopped him, it was the duro thattokk Fett from behind, the hunter fought to free himself from the duro, when he turned he saw the rodian heading to him with the two blades ready to impale him on them.He turned back.

The dead duro fell down as he fell he grabbed Fett's arm and the gamorrean swung his staff against Fett, who tried to stop the hit with the forearm, instead he stopped with the elbow, and the staff hitted the nerve.

For one second Fett felt the twitch and then the intense pain.

-You won't defeat me.- said Fett.

-Too late hunter-said Greeotor -now it's time to die.-

The hunter loaded the harpoon and when it was loaded he just stated.

-I don't think so rodian.-

A sudden ghost traveled from the guntlet of Fett and pass through the rodian, swiftly it fell at the other side.-

Greotor fell and then the gamorrean just stood there, trying to find out what happend.

The click of a blaster made him remember that he was in the dangerous situation.

-Remeber me dead-man-said the voice of a woman-because I remember you very well.-and then she blasted the head of the gamorrean.

The storm covered all with it's drops,and the blood of all the casulties mixed with the water, in the distance the voices of all the New Republic soldiers, could be heard.

-They are coming for us, open that sewer.-

Zennya just moved her head in an affirmative way and started to open the sewer.

The blood run through the arm of Boba Fett as the pain grew more an more intense, if the soldiers arrived they would take them both down or deliver them to the New Republic judges of Nar Shadaa.

-Let's move.-

-Yes, go in there I will follow you immediately.-


Fett pulled out from his pocket the termal detonator, and placed it near the sewer entrance.

-You there!!!, freeze, don't move!!!

Fett turned and saw that the squad of the soldiers approached to him,as a rat he scurred through the entrance.

-Follow him!!-

One of the soldiers stopped and said -What's that noise??-

All stayed quiet for a short period of time, hearing the swift noise of the device.

Then a terrible feeling moved among all of them,-IT'S A TERMAL DETONATOR!!!!, MOOOOVE!!!!...

Inside the passages of the sewer the walls trembled. Outside the on the street the explosion destroyed part of a building, killed the soldiers, with a big noise and a big lightning.

These were the first casulties of the hunt of Boba Fett



-I've got something really interesting in the hangars.-

-go on.-

-A very special spacecraft, sir, the Slave 1.-

-Units 2,4,5, and 6 move to the location of the hangars go,go,go!!!-

What are we supposed to find,sir?

The Slave 1.-

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