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6/29/99 Tabbi has been working on the Humor section, it is not up yet, but you can take a sneaky peak here So enjoy!

6/24/99 The Naboo Palace book section is now an associate of Books. We now feature links to purchase the allready-discounted Star Wars books, so please buy through are links to support the site. Thanks!-Bounty

6/23/99 Layout is coming alone nicely. We would also like to welcome a new staff member, Nick, who will be working on the humor section. We would also like to thank all of you visitors for giving this site SO many hits! OVER 150 a day!!!!!!

6/19/99 A number of new sections are up (as you can see in the menu on the side), the latest being the 'Image Gallery'. we have a big suprise in store there, so keep coming back!

6/17/99 Just got the new layout up (as you can see). Since it's new, obviously not everything is up yet, so be patient, we should have it ready within a week

6/16/99 Just added three new book summarys for Shadows of the Empire, Specter of the Past and Truce at Bakura. More to come. Enjoy! -Bounty

6/15/99 Bounty goes right to work, making a new feature in out thoughts section. Check out a nifty list of TPM bloopers.

6/13/99 In the past week, we've lost two of our staff members, ctsketch and Liak11682. Good luck to them in the vast scarryness of webdesign. Just as I type this, I got news that we have a new staff member, Bounty71. Dont know what he's going to be doing here.

6/11/99 Well it seems our book reviewer was down on the job so I took it in to my hands to do a book review. No bare with me here, okay? Just look for Heir to the Empire on the books page. -Tabbi

6/8/99 ever wonder what we all look like? we now have a staff picture page up.

6/7/99 Two new things in the thoughts section. one is a top ten list (soon to be in the new humor section), and the other is a chat transcript with jeremy bulloch (boba fett)

6/3/99 I have updated the Rumors page on the prequel section. Look towards the bottom you'll see them. - Tabbi

6/2/99 We came up with a new slogan and bannar. If you want to support our page click here to get the bannar image. Just be sure to link it to this url
Also some new EP2 rumors are on the way!!

NOTE: If you have been experiencing errors here, such as images not showing up and lots of broken links, tripod is going through some maitinance I think, so that should be fixed sooon.

5/22/99 We have a new feature at Naboo Palace, free web-based e-mail. Sign up today, and get an e-mail adress such as !!

5/19/99 TPM PREMERED TODAY!!! course you all probably know that, but not everyone got to see it on opening day. One lucky person that did see it, is yours truely (Tabbi). Check out the review, that she wrote after seeing it! -Tabbi & Leah

5/18/99 if you think we do a good job here, please vote for your site at the link is on the main page. thanks!!

5/17/99 As you read this, we are working hard to redo the layout of this site. That also includes new graphics from Tabbi, so stay tuned!!

5/13/99 With Episode one showing in less than a week, we at QAS are going to have a big job to do: redoing the prequelsection, which includes some new features and changing some older ones which are no longer relavent.
You may also notice the new graphics that are beginning to show on the subpages thanks to Tabbi.
Last but not least Tabbi has taken a staff position at If all goes well, QAS might be hosted there, but nothing is sure yet.

2/27/99 more prequel Rumors up.

2/11/99 Site reviewed in Site Reviews. well actually it's one of our staff pages, but I guess it still counts. If you want your site reviewed just E-mail us.

2/5/99 we won a new Award. not much else thought.....

2/5/99 I put my fanfic up. I have three pages up, and I am busy on the first chapter. I also put a library of our stories up, so check it out. Also, I updated the fanfic page in some other ways. -Stephen

2/01/99 New and BIG thought update under Thoughts.

2/01/99 I didn't bother to the staff but I'm telling them now. I have up my fanfiction on the site. sorry if you don't like it, but none of ya'll we're coughing up any stories. Oh yeah and i'm working on getting an image for Jacen, Jaina and Anakin off my STAR WARS: Behind the Magic program. - Tabbi

1/31/99 Hey Craig here. I'll be working on the Whats THat? page. filled with interesting and confussing Star Wars Stuff. So far i've done Random Rodian Quotes and i'll be doing more soon. Bye for now
- Craig(ctsketch)

1/24/99 I guess it's up to Tabbi here to say that "Hey look what I did? I started the Character profiles on The Character Page Have fun!
- Tabbi

1/21/99 The Prequel Rumors has been updated once again!!! There is one called Obi-Wan Karoke(hee hee)! So these are the rumors that probably aren't true, but who knows, I wouldn't mind seeing Ewan McGregor do a song and dance... sigh.
- Tabbi

1/20/99 The Prequel Rumors page is up with some new info and a neat layout. Also more Prequel characters are going up by the minute :-. As for trilogy characters ctsketch says he has something planned big, I have yet to find out what it is.

Also if any other staff person see's this, if you do something on the site, your allowed to write updates too!!

1/19/99 Well I'm back, but your probably wondering what the heck happened at kinkos!!! Nothing to do with this site at all but it does have to do with myself (Leah). I spent the time at kinkos reformating a disk full of images from a film I and some friends made, called farwars. check out the official site for more.

ahhhh, Tabbi will have my head for that. I can't take up this whole page taking about something I did alone, what about updates to this site?
So far the prequels are going good, the main prequel character/cast page is up and running as fast as it can to keep stuff up to date. Also there is a new staff page. If you wanna join just give us an E-mail with your HTML/javascript background and what you can do.

1/16/99 eeeeek my father has abducted me to kinkos!!!!! I'll write this update later.