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   At the Moment I don't know what that is, so why are you asking me? Do I look like a Jedi to you? Well ok, maybe I am. Hee hee! In the mean time our favorite Rodian Greedo will teach us some phrases with his Random Rodian Quotes page. Also, check out the trivia page. There will be more here soon.

Write Stephen and answer to these questions so he knows you're an expert!
Whose reflection shows in Return of the Jedi on the glass screen on Endor, when they are using explosives on the generator?
In which movie is Darth Vader's chest pad backwards for half of?
Is Luke Skywalker right handed or a South paw?
There are three essential ingrediants of Bacta, water, majoo tree leaves and ****
These next ones are opinion, tell me what you think.
In Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker uses to force to get his lightsaber off of the emporers lap, why doesn't he just plunge it through the window, flooding the chamber with vacume, and effectively killing the emperor and Vader?
Which way do you want it: Mara Jade+Luke Skywalker or Callista+Luke Skywalker?