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You decide that your would rather stay on the Light Side and that your are not worthy of being a Sith Lord. The Light Side is beckoning you more and more as you realize your true destiny.

You slash at the man and he falls over as you chop his arm off. You have bad aim but you seem not to care. You slash again, and this time you cut him in half. Proud, and releaved, you stand up and close down your lightsaber. You turn around, knowing you are being watched. You see the little girl and a young man walk up to you.

“Who are you?” You ask the man.

The man smiles, “I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, one of Qui-Gon Jinn’s padawans. I am now a Jedi Knight. Since you stood up for this little girl you have proved yourself worthy of being a Jedi Knight. Not only did you eliminate the Sith from this area, but you learned the true path you must take. Take this girl and train her, she needs guidance.” Obi-Wan hands you the little girls hand and you start walking with them out of the Sith Temple, unable to believe that you are walking with the man who killed Darth Maul, the son of the man who killed your family.