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A door opens and you are looking into a dark hallway, beside you is a your artoo unit, who you call deethree. You have a lightsaber in one hand and a blaster in the other. Your mission is to find all the Sith Lords and destroy them . You must complete this task to become a Jedi Knight. Your Master was Qui-Gon Jinn. Even though Qui-Gon had a padawan, he still trained you when the Jedi Council was not aware. The Council does not even know you exist. You had heard news that a dark Lord named Darth Maul killed your Master and that a padawan, now turned Jedi Knight, killed Darth Maul. The last thing Qui-Gon wanted you to do, was destroy the Sith Lords of the lair you are about to enter.

Stepping lightly, you listen for the sound of anyone following you, or coming toward you. You hear nothing but the dripping of liquid from the ceiling above you. As you walk, some of the liquid fall on your hands. You hold your lightsaber up to shed light and you see that this liquid is blood. You look up and see the ceilings are stained with blood. Thatís about the time you get a very bad feeling about all this.

You start wondering if you should turn back and tell the council about your plan to kill the Sith Lords of the Sinael Lair. Your thoughts betray you and you are defenseless. You quickly bring your mind cover back up around your thoughts as you keep walking. A light ahead shows that there is a way out, do you dare take the way out or do you keep going?

As you step up toward the way out, you see there are three direction, two directions leading the same way and the other leading out. You ponder on what to do, knowing that only your Jedi instincts can serve you well at this point.

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