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Your Jedi instincts serve you well, as you head down the first path to whatever lies beneath this broken down lair. You walk until you see a door, you hold you lightsaber up closer to read what it says. You see symbols you have never seen before inscribed in the stonework. You move your hands over the cold, wet stone. Your body starts to shiver and you feel a dark presence around you. Turning around slowly, you see a man dressed in a black cloak, his face hidden in the shadows. He holds his lightsaber out so the red blade is just barely near you. You back up slowly, hoping to get away from the Sith Lord, but the man keeps with you. Finally, you hear him speak.

“Who are you, intruder?” His voice in deep and death defying.

Your fear grows now, “I am ((your name here)). A padawan of the late Master Qui-Gon Jinn.” You say, your voice trembling with more fear as the man’s eyes seem to glow an eerie yellow.

“A padawan has come to destroy the Sith Lords of Sinael Lair?” The man laughed. You see him close his eyes and then pull down his hood. You see his face is nothing like the faces you’ve seen any other Dark Lord of the Sith have. You thought he would be ugly, but you were wrong. He looks just like you father, but you father has been dead for fifteen years.

“That’s right. This is what I must do to become a Jedi Knight.” You say with confidence, but he looks at you again and your fear him even more.

“Well then, young padawan. You are to have your fight, and it begins now.” The man thrusts his lightsaber at you but you quickly block with you own lightsaber. The crackling noises makes hum in your ears as you know this battle will haunt you forever. The Lord slashes at you again several times, and you feel that you are not going to win this battle.

This time the Dark Lord charges at you and you parry off his attack and turn around quickly to stab him in the stomach with your white iridescent blade. You watch as the man falls to the ground with a thud. You watch him slowly die, and you leave him to be at peace with himself, and hopefully turn his way back to the light side.

You start walking again and you feel the moist feeling of the blood from the ceiling dripping down on you again. You run now, hating the feeling that some unfortunate person’s blood is dripping down your skin. As you think these thoughts, your anger for the Sith grows even more; not only for your Master’s death, but for the death of your family. A Sith Lord killed your whole family when you were sixteen. Now that you are older, you can kill the Sith Lord that killed your family.

You turn a sharp corner and find your self face to face with a tall female. She has red hair and green eyes that glow like a cats. She smiles slyly at you and then moves around you in a taunting way. She lowers the hood of her cloak and you see her beautiful face. Again, you see your mother in here. As she steps closer, your mother’s face disappears and you see the woman with red hair and green eyes again. She is so beautiful you want to touch her to see if she is real.

“Who are you, intruder?” she asked, her voice sweet but commanding.

You lift your head high and look into her eyes, “I am a padawan here to destory the Sith of this Lair.”

“Who’s padawan are you?”

You lower your eyes from hers now, sad. “Qui-Gon Jinn.” you say with respect.

The woman lifts your head with her hand, “Qui-Gon was a noble man. You were lucky to have him as a Master. However, I am Amra Jade, and I must defend the Sith.” she ignites her lightsaber and slashes at you. This time you are prepared; you counter her attack and duck behind her. She turns around too quickly for you and her lightsaber slashes at your right arm, ripping your shirt.

You look at her and run at her. She is too surprised by your movement and is stunned. You stab your lightsaber into her chest and then pull it out. She looked up at you with sorrowful eyes.

“I should not have gone against the padawan of Qui-Gon Jinn.” She bends over and coughs up blood. “Please, won’t you find my child, she is eleven years old and she needs someone to take care of her. Please, take her to be your padawan learner.” the woman begs.

You stop to think, should you help her child or should you go on with your mission?

Go find the Child | Go on with the mission