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You decide to help the child and you ask the woman, “Where is she?”

The woman smiles gratefully, “She is down the dark hall and to your right.” she says and then dies. She disappears with only her robes remaining.

You start down the dark hall and into the room to your right. There is a girl there, she is sitting down on the cold stone floor crying. You walk closer to her and she starts to scream. You quickly cover her mouth your hand. You shush her to be quiet. She looks at you, she has jade green eyes and auburn-red hair. You sit down next to her, putting your light saber away.

“I am ((your name here)), I am here to take care of you. Your mother died in a battle and she wants me to take care of you.” You try to explian.

The girl looks up at you, “Did you kill her?”

You don’t know whether or not to tell the girl. should you or shouldn’t you?

tell the child | dont' tell the child