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You decide that the girl is too young to except the truth, At a later time this information will be revealed to you. Come now, I am taking you as my padawan learner. You offer your hand to her and she takes hold of it. You smile and start walking out. you turn a corner and there is another Sith Lord, a male this time. The little girl at your side gasps and tries to get away from you. You quietly tell her with your mind to go hide in a corner until you are done.

The little girl squirms away and does as told.

You are left to defend for yourself. The man looks at your with his piercing blue eyes. His black hair struggles down his back and your notice he is wearing no shirt. He sheds his robe and you see a man who is very muscular. You know now that he is your greatest challenge yet. You ignite your lightsaber and make the fist move. You slash at him, but he jumps away quickly and moves behind you. You find your self turning around slowly as the man talks to you.

I am Denker Ralle, Lord of the Sith under grounds. I since fear in your, I since anger in you. Join me on the Dark Side, and you can be my Sith apprentice. The mans voice is strong, but is it strong enough to take you over and bring you to the Dark side?

Join the Dark Side|Don't Join