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The endulging hated world of Pokemon

And Now Pokemon Meets(or as me like VS) STAR WARS

Darth Vader stands off to the right on board the Star destroyer Exicutioner. He leans over a console where a young deck officer is watching a picture of the space outside. Vader points his finger at the screen where two figures slowly appear. He turns to the bigger screen on the ship.
"Commander, tractor beam those things into the cargo bay." Vader commands.
The commander does as told and Vader leaves the room heading down to the cargo bay. He enters the grey colored room with no sign of the two figures. He looks around the room with his gloved hands resting impatently on his hips. Then a puff of smoke appears and a man and woman step out of the smoke. The woman has red hair sticking out to the side and the man has purple hair cut just below his chin. The man hold a rose in his left hand that is held up close to his face.
"Prepare for trouble." says the woman.
"Make it double." says the man.
"To Protect the World from devistation." The woman says.
"To Unite All peoples with in our nation." The man says.
"To denounce the evils of truth and love."
"To extend our reach to the stars above."
"Jesse!" The woman shouts.
"James!" the man shouts.
Then they say together, "Team Rocket Blasts' off at the Speed of light!! Surrender now or prepare to fight!"
A little cat like creature jumps out from behind them, "MEEEOOWWTH! Thats ri-iight!"
Vader shakes his head sadly, "Team Rocket? Who came up with that?"
Jesse look at James, "He's got a worse attitude then those stupid kids and Pikachu."
James nods, "I agree. And his outfit is so last year."
Vader steps up to Jessi and James, "What are you two doing here."
Jesse laughs, "We were going to ask you that." she says in an annoying high pitched type voice. "We're on a case looking for three children and an electric rat named Pikachu."
Vader looks down on the two, "If you help me I'll help you."
Jesse and James exchange glances, "Help?"
"I need you to help me find the Rebel Alliance."

Han Solo is working on the engines of the Millenium Falcon when a porthole appears just above him and three young children drop out of no where. Han quickly staggers to his feet about to call Chewie but feels as if he doesn't need to. The children drop in front of him.
A boy about 14 years of age stands in front of Han. The boy has black hair with a red and white cap on his head. Beside him is a little yellow creature unlike anything Han had ever seen before. A young girl around 14 or 15 years old stepped beside the boy. She had orange hair pulled up and to one side. An older boy, say 16 or 17 years old stood behind the group. The older boy had spiked black hair and eyes that looked like he squinted a lot.
Han stepped up to the young boy and knelt down, "Who are you?"
"I'm Ash Catchem from Pallet town!" The boy exclaimed.
The older boy put a hand on Ash's shoulder, "Settle down Ash." he held out his hand for Han, "My name is Brok."
The girl smiled, "I'm Misty."
The little yellow creature squeeked a "Pikachu." out.
Ash picked up Pikachu, "This is my Pokemon, Pikachu."
"Pika Pika!"
Han smiled wryly at the Pokemon creature. "Where did you guys come from?"
Brok broke forward, "We're from different towns. Ash is from Pallet town. We don't know how we got here, but Ash I guess is still on his quest to become a Pokemon Master."
Ash looked up at Han, "Do you have gym! I can beat you!"
Han rolled his eyes, "No, but I have a wookiee."
"Is that a new kind of Pokemon!?" Ash asked.
Han shrugged, "Chewie, come here."
Chewie bounded from the other room. Ash looked up at the over seven foot tall creature, "That is no Pokemon. Pikachu can't beat him."
Pikachu squirmmed, "PIKA!!!!!"
Han laughed, "Chewie's not going to hurt anyone. You guys can stay with me until we get back to the Rebel Alliance."

Ash, Brock(i know it's been misspelled before), Misty, Pikachu, Han and Chewie walked off the Millenuim Falcon on to the main ship of the Rebel Fleet. Han Solo walks over to two people standing in the corner. He talks quickly and then returns to the group.
"Ash, I want you to meet the brains behind the Rebel Alliance." Han motioned for the group to follow him. He stopped in front of two women and a man. Han gestured. "That's Princess Leia, Mon Mothma, and Luke Skywalker."
Brock smiles slyly and walks up to the Princess, "Hello ma'am my names Brock." he took the Princess' hand and kissed it.
Leia laugh slightly and moves her hand away from the boy, "Charming, flyboy, charming."
Ash and Misty are laughing and Pikachu walks over to the Princess. Leia picks Pikachu up(and Pika is a she for those who don't know). "Aren't you an interesting creature."
Brock looks hurt, "Princess Leia?" but the Princess does not answer.
Han takes hold of Brocks shoulder, "Forget it kid, she isn't interested in a kid like you. She has guys like Luke and I to choose from."
Brock sulks and Ash and Misty laugh.

Vader looks at Jesse, James and their little annoying cat, Meowth. "Listen up, you...three," he starts in a booming Vader-like voice. "The Rebel alliance is on hiding somewhere and I'd like to find out where."
Jesse blinked in confusion, "What about you helping us?"
"I told you this already!" Vader yelled. "You help me find the Alliance and the annoying kids you're looking for shouldn't be far behind!"
James widened his eyes in fear, "Okay, fine."
Jesse turned her back on Vader, "We'll go on deck and see what we can do. Team Rocket will find those Rebels if it's the last thing we do." she walked off and James shrugged follow behind.
Vader shook his head, "Stupid teenagers."

Leia looked over at Brock watching his sad-looking face sulk. She rolled her eyes, "You know, it's nothing against you personally." she said knowing that she hurt his feelings the other day. "I'm just interesting in older guys like Han Solo."
Brock looked up, "I can be older!!!" he ran off somewhere and came back with a fake beard on his face, "Impression isn't it?" he exclaimed.
Leia shook her head and Han entered the room. "Oh gees." he muttered under his breath. Chewie walked in behind him.
Pikachu was off in the corner with Ash and his other pokemon. Chewie walked over to them and growled his greeting. Ash picked up Pikachu as to fend off Chewie.
"Aw, gees kid." Han started. "Chewie can't hurt your little mouse."
Ash stood up in offense, "Pikachu isn't a mouse and she isn't a Rat! She's a pikachu!"
Luke, who was off in the corner smiled, "What does Pikachu do?"
Ask smiled, "I'll show you!" He placed pikachu down in front of him, "Pikachu, thundershock now!"
Luke's eyes widened as little sparks flew out of the little creature and into the air, electricfying everything around, including Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, Misty, Brock and Ask.
"Wow" Luke said as he recovered from shock, literarally.
Ash smiled under his blacked shocked face, "That's what pikachu can do."

Vader smiles inside his dark helmet, "Good we have found the Rebel Base in Hoth." he said, "The Emperor will be pleased with me."
"WITH YOU!!!???" The three Team Rockets asked. "We did all the looking!" Jesse blurted out!
"That you did, and you will compensated for it."
"You promised to help us..."James whined.
Vader groaned, "That I did...Go down to Hoth, the little kids your are looking for should be there!"
Jesse and James danced around in happiness, "Oh, yay! We'll finally catch Pikachu!"

Luke had just come back from being plowed down by a wampa and was now healed and okay. and he just got back from helping bring down the AT-AT walkers outside of the Rebel Base.
"I need to go to Dagobah." he told himself.
"Uhh, Dagobah?" asked Ask who was standing behind him wearing a confused expression.
Luke turned around sharply,"When did you get here?"
"I just walked in. Can I go to Dagobah too?"
Luke cringed slightly, "No."
"PLEASSE!!!!" Ash begged. "I wanna learn the ways of the Force, just like you do!" "Fine..." Luke finally caved in. "YAY! I'm gonna be a Jedi Master!"Ash jumped up and down in excitement.
Team Rocket blasted threw the hoth base only to find it in shambles. "Why that low, no good man in a dark cape. He lied to us!" Jesse exclaimed. Meowth growled, "No he didn't. The little brats were here..." he pointed to something. "See that scortch mark on the wall...thats a pikachu mark!"
James turned to Jesse, "He's right. They must have left already!"
"Lets go! Team Rocket is blasting off again!!!!"

Leia looked down at Misty, "So, what pokemon do you carry?"
Misty smiled handing Leia Togepi, "This one is my favorite one, it's name is Togepi. Then i have horsea, phyduck, goldean, staryu, and staryme. They're all water pokemon..." she sighed.. "Better then Ash's stupid pokemon." she muttered.
"I see." she cuddled Togapi in her arms gently. "This one is cute."
"Yes, it's a baby pokemon...i'm not sure what it evolves to yet."
Leia gave a confused look, "Evolves?"
"Almost all pokemon evolve into another type of pokemon. Like my staryu evolved in to a staryme"
"Yeah..."Leia handed Misty back Togapi and then walked off to talk to Han.
Misty growled to herself.

Luke landed on Dagobah along with Ash and R2-D2, Luke astronomic driod. He was now learning the ways of the Force from Master Yoda...and Ash was feeling left out.
"Why can't I learn too!?" he whined.
Yoda walked up to him, "You have no Force potential...and you are too old."
"Too old? I'm only 13!"
"Still too old."Yoda said.
"But Luke is 21! He's not too old???"
"Luke is different...his father was a Jedi and he has Force potentail. You do not." Yoda walked off to train Luke some more.
"At least teach me to use a lightsaber!"Ash called after him.
Yoda looked back, "That I can do." he turned to Luke, "In turn you must learn to fight with pokemon."
"What? Master Yoda, i can't use pokemon...i don't know how to them and i never will." Luke whined.
"Then Ash will teach you and you will teach's a fair trade in."
Ash smiled and Luke groaned

Team rocket stood in front of Vader with a new person with them. "This is Giovanni, a pokemon Master. He has come to help you, Lord Vader." James taunted.
Giovanni stepped closer, "There is a young boy who is with you 'Rebel Alliance' and i would like to deal with him...he has a connection to me."
"Ah, good. Come with me to Cloud City then...we wait for Luke and Ash there."
Luke had felt his friends were in trouble and so had Ash, but in a different way. They were now on Cloud City fight with...Darth Vader and Giovanni!
Vader stepped toward Luke, "So we meet again Young Skywalker."
Luke stepped forward holding a pokeball in his right hand instead of a lightsaber. "Yes, we meet again."
"Where is your lightsaber?"
"I use Pokemon now..."
"I see master Yoda has been fooling around with the Jedi training again." Vader shook his head.
"You leave Yoda out of this." Luke yelled, throwing the pokeball and releasing a new type of pokemon.