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All material submissions should be sent to

  I'm Tabbi. I'm 15. I started this site a year ago, amazingly enough. I'm hoping for a great come back on this site in the year 2000. Our staff works over time to make sure you're happy, well some of us.This site has come a long way, new memebers, new stuff, new everything. And just so you keep coming back, we're changing our layout soon depending on when we can get hosted. Remember to say, "Do You Naboo?" ;).

AOL S/N: CRATabbi2003

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I'm 16, a Junior in High School, residing in chicago. I'm the primary manager of public relations, meaning that I handle submission, e-mails and anything else, posting whatever is nessesary on the page. That's it...
thanks for the time

AOL S/N: callista94

    Hey, wuzzup! My name is Chris Wellons. I just turned 15. I have been writing web pages for 4 years now. I know a little bit of Javascript and know a lot of Visual Basic. Go to my web page at ChrisNet. I enjoy writing short stores and play soccer for my school. At school I am basically a quiet person that goes wild once and a while. Computers are my obbession, I am online whenever I can. I will be doing all I can, mostly little improvements in all the pages, for the NP. Hey, check out The Hanger! I am proud of my hard work put into it.


    Hi, I'm Nick. I'm going to be working on the humor section, I'm also Tabbi's B/F. She is my wonderful G/F. Anyway, like I said I'm working on humor, if someone else wanted it...too bad. I'm 16 years old.
AOL s/n: OfficerNick2003

   Hello, my name is Ben. I just turned 16, and I have been designing web pages for over one year now. My Star Wars Site is called Platform 327. Naturally, I love everything associated with Star Wars, especially trivia and Star Wars books. My other interests include computers, reading science fiction and fantasty novels, playing golf, and enjoying the great outdoors. Here at QAS I will be working on trivia, images, and anything else that I am assigned to do. May the Force be with you!

AOL s/n: none

   Greetings all, I'm Steven. I'm 14 years old, and have been producing web pages for the past three years. I've been online for the past 6 years, starting with Prodigy and working up to "AOL"..what an accomplishment that was... and since loosing my account i'm now with the AOL sister network CompuServe. I have a computer, it works, I wont gloat about it like certain other people tend to do, though mine does play DVD movies now, i'm quite happy about that... I am indeed a Star Wars fan, I collect Chromart Star Wars portraits of wich i have a vast collection of. I do have a hidden vast knowledge of Star Wars, I own the majority of any Lucasfilm Star Wars Related game, and have worked as a testing operator for them. I have produced 3 Web Pages, only one still active, and plan to be starting another project soon based on DVD format movies. I'll be making various contributions to NP and will be maintaining the book section. Rusty Wallace forever! Down with Jeff Gordon!

AOL s/n: Bounty81

   Hey everyone. I'm Marty. I'm 13 years old, may 18 1986. I spend a lot of my lonely time on the internet, so I have a time to work online. I think playing the piano is cool and I'm gonna be an actor/superstar when I grow up. I feel an overwhelming aura of happiness when I listen to Stevie Nicks. She's a good singer. I also love Andrea, but lets not get into that. I love to eat and play card games (magic...etc.) I hate thinking, but school's okay. That's just 'bout all you need to know about moi. (I take french at school, too!) - I couldn't get my e-mail to show up where eveyone elses does so here's my e-mail
AOL S/N: None yet...

Jiaqi Li
    Hello everyone. I'm Jiaqi Li. I just turned 15 years old, 9-22-84. I'm a self-taught web programmer, I have my own site, the Coruscant Datalinks. Here at the Naboo Palace I'll be working on the Image Gallery.
AOL S/N: JediL1

    Hiya, I'm Gabe, Leah's little brother. I'm 13, almost 14 (May 17,1986 just a day older than marty) and I guess I'll be doing the complicated programming here such as java and javascript. I guess that's it.

AOL S/N: darfadacious


We are no longer are in need of staff, Everyone here is GREAT!

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