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summary of shadows

This book continues the storyline from Children of the Jedi and Darksaber. While Leia is on a secret diplomatic mission to a planet in civil war, her ship breaks out with a deadly virus. As the crew dies, Leia is kidnapped by Seti Ashgad and Dzim, the leaders of one of the factions. As the ship is sent off into hyperspace forever, C-3PO and R2-D2 escape. They then begin a journey to warn the Republic about the virus and Leias abduction. The virus then begins to ravage the galaxy with no known cure.

Meanwhile, Luke continues his search for his love, Callista. Her trail leads him to the planet where Leia just happens to be held and the center of all the trouble. As Luke arrives, he is attacked and crashes on the planet. As he gets away from his pursuers, he learns that the strange crystalline planet has a way of amplifying the Force. Luke then gets tied up in the local politics as he searches for Callista. He also learns that the crystals on the planet are a major component of high tech weapons and droids that enemies of the Republic would like to get their hands on.

Han Solo and Lando learn of Leias disappearance, and begin to search for her. However, they must keep the search quiet since nobody knows Leia has been kidnapped. While all this goes on, Leia learns more about her kidnappers and their associates, one of which is a Jedi Hutt.
- Steven

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OUR COMMENTS : Throughout the book I was quite Impressed with the authors ablitiy to grasp the original personality of each character, especially the droids R2-D2 and C-3p0. Her detail of each situation throughout the book was extraordinary, making the reader feel almost as though they are in the story themselves. On the bad side, if you arn't paying attention to every little tiny detail, sometimes the plot line can be hard to follow. Speaking of the plot, thank the force, Hambly came up with something besides a super weapon, though she did keep with the monotonous plot of kidnapping (Leia's). She also gave Leias Jedi Training a large part in the story, which is a definite plus, as most other authors seem to forget to mention that.

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