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summary of heir

It's a hard time for the hero's of STAR WARs, they have worked hard for 5-6 years after Return of the Jedi. The Empire is down for now but it doesn't look promising to keep them that way. The New Republic is under th rule of Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa Solo is the cheif ambassador. She heads her way to alien worlds to talk about treaties and such, but little does her brother, Luke Skywalker know, that he is being hunted by the Empire and a Dark Side Clone Lord. Luke Skywalker finds trouble when he brought aboard the Wild Kardde to seek pritection until his X-wing is repaired. However, Luke is knocked out and taken to a planet where he can't use his Jedi Powers. On this planet Luke runs in to trouble yet again with a beautiful woman named Mara Jade. She has wanted to kill Luke since she last saw him in the thrown room on the Second Death Star. She thinks Luke killed her master, Emperor Palpatine. Some how Luke manages not to be killed by the Mara Jade. Yet, Mara is dissapointed and will kill Luke if it's the last thing she does.

-Thank you for sticking around while I just babbled on like that..heh. OKEDAY!! -Tabbi

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