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summary of tb

Shortly after Return of the Jedi, with the controll of the Imperial Empire in severe question, the Alliance receives a call for help from an Imperial Outpost in the Bakura sector, just on the edge of known space. They have just reached contact with the Ssi-Ruuk, a race of cold-blooded repitllian invaders, are now approaching imperial space with one intent: Complete domination. Princess Leia observes this as an opertunity for diplomacy, but the situation is given more importance after Obi-Wan comes to luke in a vision and tells him he must go to Bakura. From there on, the Alliance and the Imperials must join together to fight a combined enemy, with the possiblity of treachery by the Imperials at every turn. Reprinted 1994, written by Kathy M. Tyers.

-So there's what it's about, maybe if you're lucky I'll find time to write how it was. Good is all i'll say at the moment. Steven

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