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Heavy Blaster Pistol

   A weapon made famous by the smuggler turned diplomat Han Solo, the BlastTech DL-44 heavy blaster pistol packs the formidable punch of a high-powered rifle into a small sidearm not much bigger than a standard pistol. Favored by gunmen and smugglers (dangerous people with quick reflexes, keen peripheral vision, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to survive) it causes even The bravest to duck for cover when they find themselves staring down its barrel.
   Designed for close-quarters combat this portable and very lethal blaster was often carried by Rebel soldiers because it reliably punched through stormtrooper armor.
   A weapon favoring brute force over finesse, the DL-44 delivers tremendous damage, yet is small enough to be fired one-handed; its range is twenty-five meters with a maximum of fifty meters, however The DL-44's XCiter consumes energy at four times the rate of a blaster pistol, draining a power pack after only twenty-five shots, The user must carefully target shots instead of filling the air with energy (indiscriminately firing in the general direction of a target). Because of The excessive power consumption, the DL-44's grip has a vibrating 'cautionary pulser' that silently alerts the user when the pack is down to five shots or less. A quick release lever and the power pack's convenient location (immediately in front of the trigger) allow very quick replacement of drained packs. Soldiers bringing heavy blaster pistols into battle normally carry at least a dozen power packs.

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