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   The bowcaster is essentially a magnetic accelerator with twin polarizers that use alternating polarity pulses to accelerate a highly tensile metal bowstring and propel an explosive quarrel at extremely high speed. The fired quarrel has the appearance of an elongated blaster bolt because it is wrapped in an energy envelope that channels the quarrel's explosive force into the target. The result is a weapon that's considerably less advanced than a blaster pistol yet delivers an equivalent amount of damage.
   Bowcasters are designed for use in Kashyyyk's dense jungles, with good stopping power (for taking out the most dangerous predators) but are short-range weapons with an optimum range of thirty meters and a maximum range of only fifty meters. The weapon can be disassembled and carried in an utility pouch; it can be put bock together in less than a minute. Wookiees use bandoliers to carry power packs, canisters of blaster gas, and spare ammunition cartridges that hold six quarrels each.
   Hand-built by the master weapon crafters at Kashyyyk, bowcasters are bestowed to young Wookiees as they are completing adulthood rites of passage. This tradition has endured for thousands of years, and a warrior's bowcaster is considered a visible symbol of his or her courage and honor. These highly prized possessions are often engraved with clan markings and pictographs depicting a warrior's greatest accomplishments.
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