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Blaster Pistol

   In a galaxy consumed by conflict weapons ore a dangerous but necessary fact of life. The most common sidearm is the high-energy laser/particle beam weapon commonly called a blaster.
   When a blaster is fired, a small amount at high-energy blaster gas moves from the gas chamber to the gas conversion enabler (commonly called an XCter). There the gas is excited by energy from the weapon's power source, which is a small power pack for hand weapons and a reactor or a power generator for a larger weapon. The excited gas passes into the actuating blaster module, where it is processed into a beam comprised of intense energy particles coupled with light. The prismatic crystal housing focuses the beam, which is further focused, or 'galvenned,' as it passes down the blaster's barrel. The final particle beam, or 'bolt,' contains high-energy particles that cause tremendous damage to anything they hit; the bolt's visible light is a harmless by-product of this reaction.
   The BiasTech DH-17 blaster pistol is a standard-issue military sidearm used by both Imperial Navy and Rebel soldiers. With its sturdy and reliable design, it remains a popular weapon with New Republic personnel. The DH-17 is designed for short-range combat with an optimum range of 3O meters and a maximum range of 120 meters. Its blasts can pierce stormtrooper armor or penetrate a lowlevel lorce field but won't puncture the hull of a starship. It is a perfect weapon for shipboard troopers, and on the lowpower 'stun' setting a blast can knock a human unconscious for up to ten minutes.
   The DH-17's blaster gas chamber carries enough blaster gas for over five hundred shots, while its power pack supplies sufficient energy for one hundred shots. An experienced trooper can change packs in about tive seconds, and drained packs can be recharged via a generator in about fiteen minutes.
   Like most sidearms, the DH-17 is semiautomatic, firing once each time the trigger is pulled. The weapon can be modified for fully automatic fire, although this mode drain the power pack in less than twenty seconds and excess heat may melt the internal components or cause an explosive overload. It has long been illegal for non-military personnel to possess blaster pistols on many Imperial and New Republic worlds, although they are widely available through black market channels.

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