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Thoughts on Mara and Callista
copyright 1998 by Leah

It has always beeen a fantasy of many starwars fans to create a love life for the 'lonely' and perhaps 'tragic' character of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight. Through some shallow research, it seems fans have narrowed the possibilities down to two; Cool hearted Mara Jade, who had once vowed to kill Luke, and tall, gentle Callista, full of knowledge, yet somewhat shy socially. If you have never met any of these characters, it's clear who would be the obvious choice, but so may fans have their heart set on Mara and Luke as a pair. Callista's disposition is not a bad one, it is what author, Kevin J. Anderson has done to her personality that perhaps causes so many to dislike her. He has twisted her into sort of a self centered person, which I'm sure her creator, Barbara Hambly had no intention of doing. In my view Hambly did and excelent job in creating Callistas character, notably in the novel Planet of Twightlight. Callista is very well...wise, and patient regardless of her shy personaltiy. Luke needs someone to share his lifes wokr with, to support him. Callista has just the personality that will support his recklessness, yet be a good friend. Maybe to some, Callista is not right for Luke, but compared to Mara, it's either Callista or no one. Mara soes not AT ALL strike me as one to get married or even fall in love. If she did, it would not be with a Jedi. Mara likes to be on top, and to have a friend/husband/lover who is 'better' or more powerfull than herself would kill her ego. Another fault of Andersons writting is the increadibly weak and poorly written ending to his addtion to Callistas time with Luke. Here Callista feels that she cannot be with Luke until her lost force powers have been restored. Not only do I find this conceited and laking plot, but I dound out that Callista's exit was planned all a long, so author Timothy Zahn could bring in the Mara/Luke romance. Ever since Callista disappared, Luke has been increadibly loyal to his love for the former Jedi. Once in love, Luke Skywalker does not seem one to flit back and forth between women. If he still loves Callista, why is he so suddenly attached to Mara?

Luke Skywalker has always loved children, we can see that through the care he gives to the children of his sester Leia and her husband Han. So why not luke? Perhaps in frustration that Callista ws not longer with him, Luke shoved off the idea of getting to know another women, (which again brings up the question, why suddenly mara?) With the staement explaining that is simply wasn't the Jedi custom. But as Han retorted back, 'little Jedi knights have to come from somewhere'. Looking at it again, Lukes point of view on customs may not have been the result of frustration. It is the duty of a Jedi to spread knowledge and to protect others throughout the galaxy. The presence of ones own children weakens ones gaurd, as the parent always puts the safty of their children first. A child can be used to manipulate the feelings and actions of the parent, therefore, in the case of a Jedi, not permitting them to preform their duty properly. If Luke were to have children, in a way his meaning in the story might be lost.