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Luke Skywalker ™

By Tabitha M. Blackman

Luke Skywalker™ was once a reckless farm boy with Ambitions of becoming a star pilot and going to the Imperial Academy. He was also cocky and full of life around his friends. This farm boy grew up to be a Jedi knight, Master of the Force. When Luke was in his teens he would waist time bulls-eyeing wamprats in his T-16 Skyhopper. He would fly imprudently into the ditches of Beggar’s Canyon, shooting wamprats and making it safely out of the canyon before he reached the fine tip point of crashing into the canyon wall. One time Luke did not escape beggars canyon in time, and crashed his Skyhopper.

“ Great Kid! Don’t get cocky!” Han Solo™ had said to Luke once when they were in the Millennium Falcons’ laser cannon turrents, blasting T.I.E. fighters to space dust. Luke had shot his first T.I.E. fighter and has become easily over excited. That wasn’t the end of the fighter; there were still more to come. Successfully Han was able to get the rest, leaving Luke with his victory of one.

After fighting off the Imperial AT-AT walkers, Luke fled to Dagobah where he met this his new teacher, Yoda™. Yoda™ taught him many things about the Force, including when a weapon in needed and when one is not. Soon Luke left to help save his friends, but he promised to return and finish his training. Luke did come back, but Yoda was dying, he spoke to Luke and told him he must confront Darth Vader™, as did Obi-Wan™. Luke learned of his newly found powers and was able, to some point, control his anger, fear, and aggression.

Luke Skywalker™ turned to be the Hero in the STAR WARS®™ Saga, but I wonder often who the hero will be in STARWARS: Episode I: Phantom Menace ®™? Will Luke Skywalker™ be in the second prequel when Anakin Skywalker™ marries Queen Amidala of Naboo™? That’s something to keep an eye out for, but for now I am sticking with the Jedi Knight who made an impression on all our lives: Luke Skywalker™