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    "Senetor Palpatine." Introduced some senetor or other of the Republic who happened to be chairmen that night. "You may now present your proposal."

    "Thank you." Said Palpatine curtly. "I have plan which can make us all very powerful." He began, addressing the common audience of senetors.

    "But senetor, are we not already very powerful?" Questioned one of Palpatine's enemies.

    "We are, but there are matters still out of our hands," countered the imposing senetor, "unless you agree to my proposal."

    "I suggest, and I know this is rather abrupt, but I suggest that we overthrow our goverment, and become an impiarial state, crushing all who oppose us."

    Murmers went around the room, and the chairmen senetor stood, knocking his chair over.

    "Most certainly not, Senetor Palpatine. Such words are treasonous, and should be punished." His voice raised in both intensity and tone. "Palpatine, for even suggesting such things I susspend you from this council for five standard weeks. Then you may come back and issue an official apology to both your fellow senetors and our president!"

    Palpatine's voice fell, into unprecedented tones, leaving his audience stung with surprise. "All those who are with me come to my side of the room." He commanded.

    The only movement was that of senetors moving away from him, to the other side.

    "Very well," he hissed, "but I would much prefer death to the fate which now you rest upon!"

    With that he stalked out of the room, leaving tourmoil as senetors tried to regain their composer. One suggested they adjourn until the president of the Republic could be present. Others wanted more security, for Palpatine was a rich greedy man, and a few wished to impeach Palpatine from his position.

    "There will be order in this office!" Shouted the chairmen. "We will adjourn till further notice... Dismissed."

    "Yes you are dissmissed." Said a voice through the holoanouncement. It was quickly recognized as that of the senetor who had walked out only minutes before. "Dissmissed from life!"

    And those where the last words any of the senetors heard, though they heard plenty of screams; as squadron after squadron of troopers dressed in white armor flowed through the door, shooting anything that moved. And, within minutes, all the Republic had ever worked for, all it had ever done, was destroyed. Leaving only one senetor unscathed, and after all, they where his troops...

    That night Palpatine contacted some of the top tactical thinkers that where known to be treacherous to the Republic and offered them jobs. He had 20 of these geniuses highered within an hour, and was explaining to them what had happened when a message came through for him.

    He went into his soundproof office to hear out the recording. "Palpatine," it begain, "the fleet of ships is yours for 7 billion credits." There it ended, leaving him to think.

    Palpatine had recently ordered 100 top of the line Star Destroyers. He had not expected the SD's to cost seven billion credits however, and relized that would leave him just short of the price it would take to create a Super Star Destroyer or SSD. Hopefully one of the men in the other room would be good acountents...

    His long stride when he entered the other room told the new leaders that their emperor wanted something. "Have any of you ever handled large amounts of money?" He asked.

    It took Palpatine half the night, but he had finnally wittled down all the new leaders to get at the one that could help him out of his prediciment. As His name was Anakin Spacehopper, or something similiar, as names had never been important to Palpatine. As of the other brains, he made them moffs, similiar to the senetor position he had once held himself.

    They worked till morning devoloping a plane over the money situation, until finally they came to a rather complicated salution. Palpatine trusted the man at the end of the work, and that was more then could be said for any other person Palpatine had met.

    For the greedy emperor knew a power called the force, throuh which he could munipulate. And he could tell that Anakin knew it too. Not as much as Palpatine, but very strongly still. So Palpatine took Anakin Skywalker, for that was what his name had turned out to be, under his wing, and taught him of the force.

    Palpatine was pleasently suprised to find that the man had already had some training by an old Jedi master on Anakin's home planet of Tatooine. This helped the process and soon, very soon indeed, Anaking became the capped murdered Darth Vader.

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