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    "Lightning blasts!" Yelled a very frustrated Corran Horn.

    They where in a light fight with a gang on some small back alley in Correllia City. Corran had recently joined CorSec, and had just received the rank of Lieutenant. He had aced all the written exams and had managed passed the physical work. Now he was digging down into himself, as he had for the courses, to find the courage to continue in this battle. Reinforcements would be showing up soon.

    Corran 's father was slightly more relaxed. He too was in Correllian Security, but he had years of experience. He wasn't getting over exited as Corran was. Hal Horn aimed carefully, using the scope mounted on his blaster rifle to the full extent, and, within five seconds, shot down two members of the gang.

    "Nice shot." Someone whispered in his ear.

    While Hal was relaxed he was still alert and spun around targeting the man standing in front of him. He lowered the blaster, recognizing the face of Command Atuk, the man leading the reinforcements. He gestured towards the flecks of light flying their direction.

    "You think you can handle 'em?" He asked, offering his services for another shift.

    "Yeah we got 'm", said Atuk, "We have another group coming up behind them. We think they might be some 'a Raptor's troops."

    "Well you be careful, I expect to still meet you at Cafe Toulav tomorrow at 0900." Teased Hal.

    "0900 it is." Replied the alien commander.

    The backup troops moved in, covering the parent-son duo as they retreated. They still had to check in with their barracks, get some forms to fill, and get a bite to eat before they could rest. They jumped into a small CorSec speeder that was waiting for them and sped of towards their base.

    "How is that blaster burn you got yourself?" Asked Hal.

   "Eh?" Asked Corran, "Oh that one, it only seared me, I think it'll be fine."

    "Good, then you still think you can play in the game tomorrow?"

    "Yeah I should be."

    The Horns had been planing to play in a CorSec barracksball game the following day. Barracksball is a sport where there are five barracks inside of which a player will be safe. Outside they can be shot, or blasted. To start a 'turner' would try and block a laser beam from hitting them. If they blocked it the laser would be in play, and the turner would try and make it to a barracks before someone picked up the laser and either pegged him or threw the laser to the player at whichever barracks he was headed to.

    If a turner got pegged he was 'over' and lost his turn. Then the next turner would come to 'turn'. It went on like this until four turners had been pegged. Then they switched sides.

    Corran played 4th barracks, and Hal played 'starter' or the person who threw the laser at the turner originally to be blocked. They had both been playing for many years.

    The laser can be thrown because of some recently developed technology, adding mass to the beam. Before this technology thin lightweight but heavy mass metal sticks where used. They where easily thrown but did not disable a turner at impact.

    Both Horns where excited about this game, as it was the first they would be playing against fellow CorSec agents. When it had been announced about a month ago they had celebrated by eating at 'Johnny's', the most expensive pub in Correllia City. Both had been upset when Corran had been injured in a bar fight.

    The speeder swung around a corner and into the CorSec parking lot. The men headed into the building, ducked under a flight of stairs, and quietly went down a hidden stairwell.

    At the bottom was the debriefing station, where both men received several forms to fill in, and where debriefed on their performances. The forms took close to a standard hour to fill out, and the debriefing itself another quarter. And when finally both left they where dead tired, taking the ride to a takeout place slow, eating fast, and driving home slow.

    They where asleep before they hit their pillows, leaving on a light, and the holoscreen, also forgetting to let their pet sniplet out. It managed to wake one before dawn, dragging him to the door, and barking until he opened it. It walked out, and pushed shut the door itself for the human had left it standing wide open.

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