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    Three planets, spinning simulteaneasly constantly approached each other. The where known as Trimar. Three planets, who orbited themselves, but no star. They where without a solar system, bound to an eternity of deep space travel. Until they colided... The blast from these three was enough to throw off numerous planets. The blast sent entire solar systems spinning for the depths of space. It also thouroly decimated innumerable ships of sentient beings, causing more death then the destruction of Alderann. Only a singular ship in the region of 50,000 kilometers was left intact. That ship was a small escape shuttle, baring only one, minute, passenger...

27 Years Future-Bound:

    "This is last one!" Shouted Nakia Smoltz, a native of Corcusant, as he tossed a box to Kyle Japer, a 28 year old from Correlia. Japer caught the crate with practised ease and after securing the boxes with a security strap he and Smoltz started up their landspeeder and started towards their working house.

    Both men were low on cash, and they had met recently at a interview for their current job. For the past four weeks they had been running boxes of who knows what to the biggest crimelord on Correlia, known as raptor. They were paid well, and since they did not know exactly who they where taking the goods too they appreciated their jobs. Nakia had always been facinated with joining the empire, as a fighter pilot, but he diden't have the money to travel to a recruiting facility. Kyle on the other hand wanted to become a Correlian Security officer, better known as CorSec. He had always liked playing spy games on his video games as a child, and now that he had enough money he was considering joining the police force.

    The two men did not talk much on the way, the old rusty speeder was the generator of too much noise to here anything but a yell, but they constatntly caught each others eye. This was Japer's last run. Raptor never let anyone stay in his corporation for more then a month for security reasons. Smoltz had only two or three more runs to go himself. Japer spent a good portion of the way thinking, about what he would do after this job, and how he was going to support himself until he found another. The answer seemed as obvious as light at the end of a tunnel. CorSec provided housing and nuritment; if he could just pass the marauding course. Only one-fifth of the people who joined passed that course, leaving CorSec with nothing but the best. Kyle was in good physicall condition, but he wondered if it would be good enough. If he could pass that course he woulden't have to worry about food or money for a long time.

    "Wake up!" Yelled Smoltz, "We're almost there!"

    Japer barely heard him, but it was enough to wake him from his day dream. At the end of every run they where swept for bugs, and handcuffed before they were aloud to collect there pay. The crime lord Raptor did not want any security breaches.

    The landspeeder pulled into a small port and immeaditly five guards had their guns on the group of two.

    "Alright now, just step out nice and easy with your hands where we can see 'em." Shouted one of the guards.

    The workers complied, allowing a guard to step forward and put a new model of handcuffs around their wrists. This particular model was strong, strong enough to keep even a wookie at bay.

    "Sweep 'em."

    Two more guards moved in and waved an electronic sensor around them several times. When it came up negative they let them enter the building into the main office. There five more guards took over.

    They entered a small room, as usual, and were told to wait for the payer. They room had one small window, directly overhead, to let light in. The walls where smooth and hard, making them practilly impossible to scale them.

    Soon a desk clerk came in with another pair of troopers and handed them each a paycheck.

    "I hear this is your last run." He commented towards Kyle.

    Japer responded with a cool, hard mood. "Sapouse..."

    "Well make sure you never find your way here again!" And then, in a nasaly voice, "Guards, escort them out of the complex please, make sure they get well on their way."

    The pair of scruffy looking troopers acompanied them out to their landspeeder, and diden't move until they where out of sight.

    "Too bad about that Japer fellow," commented one to the other, "He was a hard worker and always got in on time, you think the boss would let people like that stay longer, some day he will run out 'a hard workin' men..."

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