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They stood in silence as they waited. Could it be? Could
what be? Could this be? So many thoughts rushing through
the tense bodies of three Jedi Knights. The tension and
thought was thicker than the wall behind them
They had no choice, they had to jump.
The sounds of storm troopers crashing behind them was
almost deafening. They all knew that this was the moment.
Now or never.
They were on a mission. One that could change the destiny
of the entire universe, and those beyond. No longer fearing
the rumor 'the last of the Jedi,' they were prepared to
take on the galaxie's most evil and distinguished form.
Emperor Palpatine.
They jumped.
Storm troopers, confused in their discovery, had to report
that the Jedi were still free.
"You were a fool to defy my order captain." Palapatine
spoke to Captain Sertha's dead body, "take him away."
"I want those Jedi, and if they are not in my presence
within the next hour, I will be needing a new crew. To
blast the old ones in to space. Do you understand?"
"Yes...sir..." trembled Captian Tyreds.
After the Jedi knights have jumped, they knew from common
knowledge that there must be a bottom. It didn't take long
to discover their 'epiphany.' With a tremendous crash, the
three Jedi fell to the ground. They caught their breath and
got up. Looked around and what they saw astonished them.
The entire area surrounding them was covered in....
Coming soon.
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