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ATTN: All members of the Naboo Palace-

Since we have not been having updates every week and things are slowing down, I, Tabbi, have decided that it is time to send this page out to all the staff members and make sure they abide or be kicked out.

Senior Staff Memebers:

  • Tabbi
  • Leah
  • Steve Terrell

    What is expected of you:

  • You are expected to make a major update at least once a week, but that does not include the senior staff members, we're specail because we know more about the Naboo Palace then the rest of you.
  • You must follow all rules, which means no swearing, though I know that will be hard for most of you.
  • Do not harrass the other staff members, no name calling, nothing.
  • Back to the updates, if you don't update once a week and/or you did not e-mailme about your update, you will be kicked off the be sure to update the sections you choose below. Now, mind you, you must wait for all staff members to apply before we can be for sure which area you will be asigned. If you are paired with someone else for that section, please converse in e-mail or Instant Message with them.

    Rules of the next part of this page:

  • Follow all directions as said, anyone not doing as follows will have penelty upon them, which maybe bad.
  • speical area's such as the hanger are being left up to the origonal designer to maintain, if that is you, be sure to maintain that area of the site.

    Now, Go ahead and start!

    who are you?

  • Leah
  • Nick
  • Steve T.
  • Marty
  • Chris
  • Ben

    How many times a week do you update:

  • Once
  • Two- five times
  • Ten times or Up

    What Three things You'd like to work on now:

  • STAR WARS News
  • Episode I information
  • Episode 4 information
  • Episode 5 information
  • Episode 6 information
  • Book reviews
  • Image Gallery
  • Thoughts
  • Trivia
  • Humor
  • Site Review
  • Merchandise
  • Links

    do you have anything to add?