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A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter Three

Liana closed her eyes and sent another thought to Obi-Wan. Please answer!Why won't he answer? Her light blue eyes fluttered open. Liana sadly gazed out of the large bay window in the Theed Palace. Out in the courtyard blood was splattered on the walkway and filled the once crystal clear waters of the fountains. Liana fought back the sudden wave of nausea.Dead bodies were strewn everywhere.The bodies of the people who tried to defend Theed.Liana turned away from the gruesome scene and back to face Nute Gunray. The Nemoidian smiled nervously at her. "Queen Amidala could have prevented such bloodshed if she had signed the treaty," Nute said,"You can prevent further bloodshed if you claim the throne and sign the treaty, your highness." Nute held out the treaty, ready for her signature.Liana stared at the treaty, then at Nute, and let her eyes wander once again to the window.

"I'm sorry to inform you Viceroy that I will not be signing your treaty!"Liana spun around and defiantly faced the shocked viceroy.

"Your defiance will only bring more suffering to your people, Princess!I would not be so quick to make a decision like that so suddenly!"Nute shouted angrily.

"I have made my choice!I will sign no treaty!"Liana said calmly, yet forcefully.

"Then your fate will be the same as your peoples,Princess,"Nute said angrily,"Oom-9,Take this prisoner to Camp 4!"

"Let's just hope you have a very good reason for this invasion Viceroy!Or the Senate will certainly revoke your trade franchise!" Liana shouted as she was led out of the palace.

"Obi!Help me!"she screamed in her mind as tears began to trickle down her cheeks,"Please, help me!"

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