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A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter Two

Qui-Gon ran as fast as he could to stay in front of the thundering MTT. Countless of swamp creatures did the same. Suddenly a panicked frog-like creature grabbed Qui-Gon. "Hep me! Hep me!" it screamed.
"Let go!" Qui-Gon yelled as the MTT drew closer. Qui-Gon recognized the creature as a Gungan. Liana had told him that the Gungans lived in underwater cities in the swamps of Naboo and that the Naboo and the Gungans didn't get along too well. Qui-Gon struggled to shake the Gungan off but it held it's grip. Qui-Gon glanced behind him. The MTT was getting closer. Just before the MTT overtook them, Qui-Gon flung himself and the Gungan onto the ground. The MTT passed harmlessly over them. Qui-Gon stood up and began to wring the swamp water out of his hair and Jedi robes.

"Oyi! I luv yous!" shouted the Gungan as it wrapped it's arms around Qui-Gon.

"Are you brainless?" Qui-Gon demanded harshly,"You almost got us killed!" "I spake!" the Gungan cried out in defense.

"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent," Qui-Gon shot back,"Now get out of here." Qui-Gon walked away from the Gungan in search of Obi-Wan, shaking his head. Qui-Gon could see why the Naboo and the Gungans didn't get along too well.

"No, no," said the persistent Gungan,"Mesa stay. Mesa yous humble servant."

"That won't be necessary," Qui-Gon said without slowing his pace. "But tis demanded by da gauds!" the Gungan exclaimed,"Mesa be called JarJar Binks."

"I have no time for this now," Qui-Gon said half in response, half to himself. Qui-Gon spun around to see two STAP's chasing Obi-Wan through the swamp.

"Oh, nooooooooooo," JarJar wailed,"Wesa gonna die!" Qui-Gon knocked him into the mud urging the Gungan to stay down. Qui-Gon pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it in the same fluid motion. The deadly weapon Qui-Gon had constructed himself years ago shot forth it's emerald green blade. Qui-Gon deflected the shots of the two STAP's and sent them both plummeting into the swamp. Obi-Wan ran up to him and struggled to catch his breath.

"Sorry, Master," Obi managed to pant out,"The water fried my weapon." Obi-Wan pulled out his lightsaber and handed it to Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon looked over the weapon and finally concluded in a scolding tone, "You forgot to turn your power off again, didn't you?" Obi-Wan nodded sheepishly.

"It won't take long to recharge but I think that you have finally learned your lesson my young Padawan,"Qui-Gon said. "Yes Master," Obi-Wan answered ina subdued tone.

"Yousa save me again, heh?" JarJar said.

"What's this Obi-Wan asked almost wearily. He knew how Qui-Gon liked to take on special projects. I t was a trait his master and his daughter shared. Liana always enjoyed to help someone whenever she could. Obi-Wan sighed, he couldn't shake the feeling that something wa going to happen to his beloved wife, that Liana was in danger.

"Exsqueeze me but da moto grande safe place would be Otoh Gunga," JarJar interrupted Obi's thoughts,"Tis where I grew up, tis a safe city." "A city!" Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon cried out almost in unison,"Can you take us there?"

"On second taught,not weally,"JarJar said,"Iss embarassing, bout my've been banished. Mys forgotten the Bosses would do terrible tings to me if my goen back dare!" MTT's and STAP's roared in the distance. "Do you hear that?"Qui-Gon asked,"That's the sound of a thousand terrible things headed this way."

"And if they find us they will crush us, grind us into a million pieces, and blast us ino an oblivian!" Obi-Wan said a little too enthusiasim. "Oh yousa point is well seen,"JarJar said,"Hurry!Dis way!"

"Master do you feel that?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes my young Padawan,"Qui-Gon said,"We must hurry if Liana is in danger." Obi-Wan nodded and tried to shake the pleas Liana was sending him.

"I'm coming Liana,"he thought,"I'm coming."

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