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Disclaimer: If you've seen Episode One you know the characters that belong
to George Lucas! Princess Liana Jinn Kenobi of the Naboo is my character
please write me at before you use her in any of
your stories.Well, that's basically it for ye 'ol merry disclaimer! Enjoy
the story!


A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter One

(Royal Nubian Transport)
"Captain," a voice said from the shadows,"Tell the Viceroy I wish to board at once." Magneta nodded and turned back to his viewscreen.

"With all due respect to the Trade Federation," Magneta said,"Princess Liana of the Naboo wishes to board at once."

"Yes of course, Captain," Nute Gunray said calmly,"You may land any time you wish." The viewscreen flickered then went blank.

"Proceed Captain," Liana ordered.

"You're highness I must object," protested Magneta,"The Trade Federation will probably arrest you and send you to Naboo to suffer the effects of their invasion."

"Then Captain," Liana said cooly yet calmly,"My fate will be no different than my people's."

Magneta nodded and turned back to the controls. He gently glided the Nubian transport into the hangar bay of the Trade Federation's battle ship. Liana pulled the hood to her cloak over her head, covering her deep red hair and piercing blue eyes. She closed her eyes and searched for her father's and her husband's presences. Nothing. The boarding ramp for the transport lowered and Liana walked down it onto the hangar bay's polished floor. Her white travel boots echoed even though they were hidden by her dress. Nute Gunray and Rune Hakko approached her. "We are quite surprised about your visit, your highness," Nute said calmly,"The Trade Federation is pleased."

"You won't be so pleased when you hear what I have to say!" Liana said icily, letting her anger show,"Your invasion is over Viceroy."

"Really?" mocked the Nemoidian,"I wasn't notified."

"I am aware that the Supreme Chancellor's ambassadors are with you know," Liana said cooly,"Have you reached a settlement?" "What ambassadors?" said Nute nervously. Liana locked her light blue eyes onto the viceroy's reddish ones and glared at him.
Nute Gunray shifted uncomfortably under her gaze and was about to say something when Rune Hakko said angrily, "Oom-9, take her royal highness to Naboo to join her people." The battle droid nodded his metallic head and ordered more droids to assist him. As the droids led her away Liana called over her shoulder, "You won't get away with this Viceroy! The Senate will not stand for it!"

Nute Gunray heaved a sigh of relief when she was gone.

"Lets just hope she's wrong," Nute said wearily.

To be continued...of course!                                   back home | next chapter