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Disclaimer: Qui Gon Jinn is the character of George Lucas. However Uranala Jinn, Lihan Biruh, Leannea Serunda Jinn, and Illiania Serunda are my characters. Please do not use them without obtaining my permission. Thank You! Now to the good stuff! by Princess Liana


A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter One

Uranala gazed into the heaven's. The beauty of the stars seemed to give her a peace of mind.She sighed as she recalled the events of the day. The irrigation hoses at the Biruh'd farm had broken again, it had taken almost the whole day for her father, Qui-Gon, and some other Mos Nunga settlers to fix them. Lihan and her were dismissed as too young to help and sent away. Uranala was upset at first but was her spirits lifted when Lihan suggested that they go exploring. They found a small secluded place and the only entrance was from behind a magnificent waterfall. The whole area was covered with green foliage and bright vibriant colored flowers. They decided to name it Weynotunay, which means "paradise." Then another image filled her mind, her mother lying sick in her bed at the humble Jinn home. Tears began to flow from Uranala's light blue eyes, but she quickly brushed them away. "No," she thought,"I will not cry." She could feel her mother's presence leave, Uranala knew that her mother had just died.


Qui-Gon struggled to abide his wife's dying wish. He kissed Leannea's limp hand that had already begun to turn cold. Qui-Gon walked ot of the bedroom into the main room of their small home. Uranala walked in and their eyes met. She knew what had happened, it didn't surprise him, Leannea and Uranala were very close. "Pack your things," Qui-Gon's commanding voice penetrated the silence,"In the morning we will leave Alderaan for Coruscant." Uranala nodded and started for her room, but paused at the doorway. She turned around and ran into the waiting arms of her father. She lost herself in her father's embrace and let the sorrow out and the comfort in. "I miss her," Uranala whispered. "So do I," Qui-Gon whispered back,"So do I."


The next morning, just as the dawn of the sun began, two figures emerged from the Jinn house. Hand in hand they walked away from their home, their way of life, not looking back. Only forward to the future. Ready to face the challanges of a new life.

To be continued...of course!                                   BACK