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Chapter Two


Leia had her arm around Han as she listened to the ewokís beat on the empty helmets of that once belonged to stormtroopers. She couldnít think of anything but what Luke had said. Vader and Palpatine not dead? She hadnít thought about them escaping the Death Star before it blew.

"I wonder where Luke is." Han whispered to her.

She shrugged, "Out thinking. Iíll go check on him." she moved slowly away from him. Han caught her arm with his hand. She turned to face him, confusion in her eyes.

"Do you love him?"

She nodded, looking into his eyes with deep love, the love she had only for him.

"Well, listen," Han went on, "I understand, I wonít stand in the wayÖ"

Leia squinted at him suddenly, realizing they were talking about two different types of love. "Oh, no. No." she laughed. "Itís not like that at all- Luke is my brother."

Han was stunned and embarrassed all at once. This news made his jealous heart of heat turn cool.

He took her in his arms, embraced her. He then let her go. "Find Luke, tell him to join us as soon as possible."

Leia nodded, smiling briefly at Hanís jealousy, ĎIíll be back, with Luke." she kissed Hanís cheek softly, then walked away from the celebration.

It was dark on Endor and the stars hung brightly in the black backdrop of the sky. Luke turned his head toward the sky, this time he did not see the Death Star, for it was destroyed. While the Alliance and the ewoks believed Vader and Palpatine were dead, Luke knew they were very much alive; he could feel the darkness surround him. He would have to face Vader again, but this time he would not leave him, no, Luke would turn him this time.

He leaned over the rail of the walkway. There was nothing for him to do; when the Alliance joined up again he would them to follow his destiny. He had to confront Vader and destory him, or a Jedi knight he would not be. Most of all, he didnít want to Leia, Han, or Chewie to get hurt any more. Especially not Leia. He cared for her more then anything else in the universe. He would die if he lost her, his twin sister.

Luke sighed, "I canít get away from this/," he thought out loud.

"What canít you get away from?" Leiaís soft voice came from behind him.

He turned around swiftly at the sound of her voice, his eyes locking on to hers. "Leia!" he breathed happily. He held his hand out to her; she clasped hold of it tightly.

"WellÖ" she pushed to know.

"Leia, you must know this before the fleet does. Iím going to leave you, again." he paused to collect his thoughts and for Leia to collect hers. "Please, Tell the Alliance that I may not return."

"Where are you going." She begged, fear swelling in her eyes.

Luke took hold of her shoulder, sending a relaxing vibe through her, "Leia, dear sweet Leia. May Han take care of you always."

She felt her nerves cool, but the dear of losing her brother was too much. She wrapped her arms around him, digging her head into his chest. "Luke, donít leave me." she cried into his shirt.

He placed his hands on her back, comforting her. How could she overreact? He sighed, knowing if he had never told her she wouldnít be this way. "I have to face Vader again."

She gripped the sides of his shirt, looking into his eyes, "But why? He let you go last time." he eyes flooded with tears.

"It is my destiny. If I donít bring the good in him out, or," he swallowed, "destory him, then the Rebel Alliance will not survive and the Empire will prevail." he kept his eyes on her, begging her to understand.

Leia sighed. Her newly found brother was going to be leaving her and he may not return. She tried to swallow a cry, but choked trying to. What would she do with out Luke by her side? Exactly what I did the first time he left to face Vader; get on with my life.

"Leia, please understand." She hugged him tightly, "I do. When are you leaving tomorrow? Tonight?"

He smiled as he shook his head, "Not for a few days yet. I need to make sure the Alliance is put back together." he held her closer. "When I do leave, promise me you will not fret?"

"I wonít"

"Thank you." Luke whispered.

Darth Vader kneeled before his master, bowing his head respectfully. He had been bowing down and serving others most of his life, except for the brief interlude from age nine through his teen years. He as Anakin Skywalker or Darth Vader, had never known what it was like to live with no exceptions. Now, he kneeled before the man who deceived everyone, Emperor Palpatine, once Senator and Supreme Chancellor for Naboo.

"Lord Vader, I hope you have news of young Skywalkerís whereabouts?" rasped the Emperor decaying voice.

"He is still one Endor, celebrating the destruction of the Death Star." Vaderís breath was unsteady, strain devouring his conscience.

"And why have you got gone after him?"

"He will come to me when the time comes." Vader breathed.

The Emperor stood, "What makes you so sure?" he eyes Vader suspiciously.

Vader felt his anger grow deep inside, "He thinks there is good in me."

"Did he tell you that, Lord Vader? Did you talk to him and not tell me?" The Emperorís eyes glowed blue in anger.

"No, my Master. He used the Force and his feeling to tell me." Vader lied.

"I see. Then if your feelings on this matter are correct, Skywalker should be here in a few days. Keep a watch."

"Yes, my master." Vader bowed his head again. He stood gallantly, swirled his cape around him, turned and left the Imperial Palace.

Lando laughed affably as he talked with Chewie. It had been a while since he could just sit down and talk to him. Chewie had said something about the first Death Star, how he and Han saved Luke and Luke destroyed the space station.

"Sounds great pal. Tell me something. Just how many times have you and Han saved the Alliance?" A smile spread on Landoís dark face, his white teeth shining.

Chewie growled lowly.

"You donít remember? Must have been a lot, either that or none at all." Lando laughed.

Chewie bared his teeth in mock-rage. Han walked up beside him, placing his hand on Chewieís arm. "Hey, donít mind Lando, heís just trying to look like a hero here." he accused.

Lando put his hands in front of him in defense, "Hey, hey buddy. Iím only taking credit for what I did. That was destroying the Death Star."

"Thatís funny." Han began, seeming confused. "I could have sworn Wedge said he shot the last torpedo that brought the whole thing down."

Lando smirked, "Alright, alright." he sighed, slumping his shoulders. "So I didnít do it single handedly. I had help from the squadrons."

Han grinned wryly, "See, that wasnít so hard to admit, now was it?"

Leia wanted to tell Han everything. To let her emotions run dry after talking to him, but she couldnít. If Han knew what Luke had to face yet again, he would try to stop or go after Luke. That wasnít what Luke would want. He wanted to face Vader, to change him. Leia could only worry about his safety and keep her job in line. But what if Luke didnít come back? What if he died? These thoughts whirled around her head, clouding her vision from reality.

"Leia?" called a gruff voice from behind her.

She turned around. It was Han, looking rugged as usual. She looked at him from behind her teared eyes. His arms were open out to her to let her have sanctuary. She fell into his arms, wishing one last time she could tell him and let everything just fade away.

"Whatís wrong, Princess?" Han smoothed her hair down her back as he held her close.

Leia smiled gently to herself, she always hated how he called her Princess, but she tolerated it and today she loved it. "Iím worried, Han."

"What about? The Alliance? The Empire?" he searched for the right word, but Leia did not react to any of them. "Listen, whatever it is, you can tell me."

She shook her head tightly; "I canít" she gasped. "Itís Lukeís choice and Iím not one to stop him."

"Heís going after Vader isnít he?" Han looked worried, strain and stress laying in his voice.

Leia looked up into his eyes and silently told him he was right. Her grip on his arms tightened. Technically she didnít tell Han, he figured it out. If Han stopped Luke, it would be on his own terms, not hers.

He sighed, "Listen, sweetheart. Luke can take care of himself."

She was astounded, he wasnít going to convince Luke not to? She opened her mouth to speak but no works came out. Han placed a finger across her lips.

"What Luke does on his own time is his business. I know heís your brother, you have a mental bond with him, but let him go. Heíll be back" Han moved his finger away from her lips.

Leia smiled weakly, understanding what he was telling her. If Luke were just a friend she wouldnít care as much. "Youíre right" she confessed shaking her head. "I just need to let go."

Han held her even slower as he realized she was letting part of her life go; she was giving up her newly found brother. He closed his eyes tightly laying his head on top of hers. I Luke never returned Leia would still have him; he would never leave her.

Luke watched Han and Leia hold each other. Luke would not feel that kind of love for a long time, if ever at all. He had to go to Vader tomorrow, he felt it. If he didnít not turn or destory Vader then the Empire would live. But even after that Luke would have the Emperor to deal with. He shuttered at the thought. He had only seen holoís of Palpatine, but from what he saw, the Emperor was old and decaying from the outside in.

He stepped back into the Ewok hut, away from the sounds of the ever-going celebration that meant nothing to Luke. He sat down, folding his legs like a pretzel. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift into the Force. He touched Leiaís mind only feeling grief. He backed away from her. Images came to sight when Luke saw a vision. He was standing beside a dark throne, some one beside him, in the chair, stirred. The person moved forward. A young woman sat there smiling, her red hair curling down her shoulders and her green eyes glowed like cat eyes. The high cheek ones in her face twitched every few seconds. Below her feet were two bodies: Vader and Palpatine.

Luke went into mental shock, throwing himself out of the meditation. He opened his eyes, scared. He had seen many things, but this frightened him. Who was the woman? What importance was she to the Empire or the Emperor? Why was he standing beside her like some faithful servant? He didnít know his head hurt thinking about it. "Always in motion is the future." he recited Yodaís works out loud to better believe them.

Help! He thought. He didnít want to face Vader now; he didnít want to kill his father. Itís just a vision; the future is always in motion. No matter how many times he recited it to himself, he felt betrayed and scared.

"Iíll see you around, Han." Lando grunted. He punched Han in the arm playfully.

Han smiled weakly, then brightly. He pulled Lando into a hug. "Listen, drop by and see us anytime."

Lando slipped from Hanís grip. "Iíll do that. Right now my city needs me."

"I donít think it need you." Han grunted.

Lando thought about that, "Well, I sure as hell need it. Iím dying inside just thinking about whatís gone wrong with it."

Han laughed, "No doubt there." he sighed." If you ever run into trouble, find us. We owe you one."

"You donít owe me anything. I betrayed you and made up for it in the end. Iíd say we were even."

Han nodded, "No use arguing with that." he said almost under his breath. "Still, holler if you help."

Lando smiled gratefully; "Iíll remember t do that. Tell Luke and Leia goodbye." he reached up and scratched Chewie under the chin. "You watch out for Han and the Falcon."

Chewie barked beside Han.

"Get goiní Lando, before I have Leia throw you in the detention block." he grinned sideways, like he did when he was amused.

"Hey!" Lando warned teasingly. He returned Hanís smile with his bright one. He walked up the ramp of the Mon Calimarie Cruiser. "Iíll see you around, Han."

Palpatine beckoned her closer. He pointed a bonny, decaying finger at her. She stepped into the light standing only a few feet away from him now.

"Vader thinks Skywalker will come to him, like he was suppose to before. I foresee Skywalker destroying us, we must not let him prevail." he paused. "You must kill him or we must turn him. He would make a reasonable advocate."

"Should I go and kill him, Master?" she asked almost silently.

Palpatine closed his eyes, "No, I see that he already setting to come to us."

She knelt down in front of him, "What is they bidding then, Master?"

"You will wait incognito for Skywalker. While Lord Vader is waiting you watch him. When Skywalker meets with Vader, watch them. I want a full report." he gestured for her to rise.

She did as constructed. She pulled her leather jacket narrowing her eyes. "Yes, Master." she turned and left. She stomped down the palace halls. She had just about enough of "Yes Master" this and "Yes Master" that. She was about to scream if she had to say that one more time.