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by lightsaber23

Darth Ticon moved quickly down the hallway toward a tech officer. "I want to see all existing holo-vids of the captured ship, Galliant." The tech officer looked puzzled but showed Ticon the vids. Thereís something not right about this. Log mistakes donít just happen like this. All the log dates canít be years off. For once, Ticon was puzzled. Something was wrong about all of this. He watched the vids with rapt attention remembering his masterís teachings about details. On an instinct he forwarded the vid to the point in time when he had been in the cargo bay. Suddenly, he spotted a quick movement. Slowing and backing the tape he sawÖa foot. Someone had been hiding in the cargo bay! Closely watching the view screen, he saw the person slip behind the stormtroopers. And swiftly progress out into the corridor leading to the hangar. Beside him, the tech officer had not noticed anything different. Fool. Ticon thought with contempt. Turning back to the screen he frowned, and left to tell his master.

I was compelled to stay near my masterís hut. Standing outside, I could see the twin suns setting. It was comforting, but still would not rid my mind of the pain. I just couldnít accept Obi-Wanís death. I went back into the hut to meditate. I pulled my cloak around me, for it was getting very cold. As my thoughts dwelled on possibilities of what actions to take, I began to feel strange. Like someone was watching me. I whirled around.

"Weíre entering the atmosphere", said Luke. While heading toward the Jundland wastes, he wondered exactly what he would do when he got there. Thinking about what would happen if he couldnít contact Ben made him dizzy, but he didnít have time to worry about it because suddenly they were there. Luke and R2 climbed out of the cruiser and on to the sand. They covered the distance to the old hut quickly. Entering the first room, Luke saw something that caught his breath. Someone was here.

Standing in front of me was a man. "Who are you!" I demanded. "Huh?" the stranger inquired, seeming very surprised. "What are you doing here?" I asked, making the stranger look very confused. "I-I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master." Skywalker. Now that sounded familiar. And a Jedi? "What are you doing here?" I repeated. "Iím-uh-looking for the Jedi Obi-Wanís hut. What are you doing here?" I ignored the question. This man was looking for my master. And why was ĎSkywalkerí sounding so familiar?
"What do you want with Obi-Wan?"

Luke was taken aback. Who was this cloaked figure? And how did he/she/it? know Ben? Reaching for the Force, he tried to touch the strangerís mind. He stepped back quickly. He couldnít reach his/her/its mind. Couldnít even touch it. What was going on here? First things first, answer the question.
"I need to speak with him."

I felt something try to touch my mind. Quickly, I threw up defenses. "True, you are a Jedi. Why must you speak with Obi-Wan?" It took him awhile to answer the question. He was definitely hiding something. "I need to ask him some questions. Why are you here?" he asked again. What could I tell him? The truth? The truth was not an option. "Iím looking for someone lost long ago."

"Master, I found this in a vid of the captured ship." Watching the vid, Darth Hiscous frowned. "You were right to show this to me," he nodded at his new pupil, "What do you believe was happening?" Ticon paused before giving an answer. "It was an escaping passenger. One who knew how to conceal himself." Hiscous gave a low cackle, "Very good. Unfortunently we have no time to follow it. I foresee the person in question will reveal himself. We must concentrate on the invasion." "Yes, master."

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