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Disclaimer: Story copyright by Jessica Taylor 2000 - 2001


Chapter Four

    Dariana wondered, laying on the soft cloth, by what she was being 
carried. Not seeing was having a big effect on her. They could be two tongued 
with eight eyes, and have huge teeth! She thought. Or maybe, they have vein 
like skin, with peircing yellow eyes, and four sets of teeth. These thoughts 
made her shiver. Suddenly, a light peirced throuh the darkness. Her vision 
was returning! Then, she thought, what if I die from seeing these...things! 
She didn't want to die....or not look. She opened her eyes and saw......the 
cutest alien imagineable. It looked very much like a toy, with brown fur and 
cute eyes. It looked exactly like...her teddy bear! Lots of the little aliens 
were carrying her through thousands of endless trees. She watched one in 
particular. It's fur was grayish blue, and it's eyes were violet, and soft. 
It must have felt her eyes, because it stopped, and looked at her. 

    "Yo bama ichna doo?" it asked.

    "Ye, ye! Yo wani longa!" it yelled.
    They all stopped, and set down the carrying bed. 

    "Hi!"Dariana said, not the least bit afraid.

    "Yo bama ichna doo?" it asked.

    Are you lost? Dariana heard.
Then Dariana realized what she had heard. She thought they spoke another 
language, and had been struggling to figure out their dilect. Then, she had 
just heard it! What was happening?

    She replied: Yes.
She thought yes, but Kae had come from her lips! What was happening to her? 
She didn't know this would be but a tiny event, compared to what she would 
find at the aliens, or Ewoks, camp. There everything would come into veiw, 
and it would all make sense. Little did she know.... 

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