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Disclaimer: Story copyright by Jessica Taylor 2000 - 2001


Chapter One

"No!" screamed Dariana.
   "Yea! I won! Yippe!"teased her brother, Tayre.
   Dariana stamped out of the room.  That was the third time this week! Her 
brother had been winning their Hologames since Monday!  She turned to look 
out the window.  It looked so calm out in space. So peaceful.
   It will never be that way in here!Thought Dariana, Not with my brother!
   Dariana wished she could get on the Starnet to look up jedi.  Those 
mythical warriors she loved reading about.  She wished she could meet one.  
But even a jedi wouldn't be able to put up with her brother.  Oh how she 
wished that her brother would just dissapear, into a puff of moisterizer gas. 
Then the universe would be at peace!  Just then, as Dariana reached her 
cabin, the warning alarm for the Starstreak Cruiser let out a shreak.  
Dariana was jerked around the room.  We're hit!


Chapter Two

 Dariana was tripping over her brother, Tayre, who was at her heels. She stumbled down the hall as quick as could be possible in a earthquaking cruiser.  She flung herself at the commander's seat.   "What"s....going.....on?" she stamered. The breath was knocked out of her as a repulsor lift hit her in the head as it soared across the room.      "We've been hit by a Star Destroyer!" replied the commander.      "What!" screamed Tayre,"They aren't supposed to attack ships!"    "Well, apparently they've forgotten the rules!", snaped Dariana,"Because I sure would call this an attack!"    The sirens were ringing in their ears. There was nothing they could do to stop them.  They were stuck in the middle of an unexpected conflict.    "The shields, we've lost the shields!"screamed the co-commander, looking at the control panel.    "We're going to crash!"yelled the commander.    Dariana heard the sirens at a different rythm, a rythm that was whispering," There is no hope, only death...."    They were hurled across the room. Dariana hit her head on the control panel to the stabilizers, which weren't working. She blacked out to the sound of the whispers. No hope, death. No hope, death.......


Chapter Three

Dariana awoke to the smell of melting alloids. She could barely remember what had just happened. Her head throbbed, and her knees were bleeding. She started searching for Tayre in the wreck. As she stepped over a repulsor energy booster, she stumbled, and hit her head. Her eyes went black, as though she was blind. She couldn't hear, and all she could do was feel the pain. Suddenly, her hearing came in, and she heard something coming nearer, and stayed still and stiff. "Yo bama hootcha doo?" it asked. Dariana lay still, listening to the tiny voice. "Yo bama ichna doo?" it asked. Dariana heard her brother shifting, moaning as if dreaming. "Yo necho me lian. Me tosta yo tka. lo korin. Me epl."it said, and shouted,"Epl kem!" Dariana felt soft cloth streched across parallel wooden beams. She was laid on top, and lifted. The things started carrying her, where she knew not. All she knew was that she had to try and keep her sense of direction, so she could find her way back to the Starstreak,and reach her final destination of the boarding school Alahan on Talmarana. She didn't think she would like it until now. Anything would be better than this. Being lost, being hurt, and being worried for your brother.

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