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Disclaimer: Okay Luke and of course Ben Kenobi are George Lucas' characters but Merrian Kenobi is mine! So please ask before using her in your fanfiction! Thanx! by Princess Liana


A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away...

Chapter One

Merrian wiped the perspiration of her young brow with the back of her hand. She glanced at the horizon and was grateful to see that Tatooine's two suns had begun setting. She glanced back down at the garden she was in the middle of weeding. Merrian gathered up her tools and started back to her house which lay at the edge of the Dune Sea, in the Junland Wastelands. As Merrian headed toward the house she saw a figure emerging from the Dune Sea." Father! Could it possibly be you! " she thought. Merrian could only dare to hope as she ran towards the advancing figure.

Luke surveyed the area with his light blue eyes. The dream was still fresh in his mind. Ben Kenobi had appeared to him saying, "Luke! You must go back to my house in the Junland Wastelands! Hurry Luke! Before it's too late!" Luke's gaze rested on a young woman who suddenly fell into the sand. Luke ran towards her hoping that she wasn't hurt.

Merrian knew before she could even see that the person was actually a young man that it wasn't her father. A chill ran down her spine and Merrian knew that she would never see her father again. With a heartbroken sob, Merrian let herself collapse into the warm sand. She buried her face in her hands and let the tears escape from her blue green eyes. "Excuse me miss," a voice said from behind, "Are you all right?" Merrian stood up and turned around saying, "I'm fine thank you." It was the young man whom Merrian had hoped it would be her father. He wore robes similar to the ones her father wore but only the young man's were black. She could feel his gaze upon her and she looked away.

"We should get to some shelter before the suns set," Luke finally said. Something about the young woman's intense blue green eyes were so familiar and yet Luke couldn't place where he had seen them before.

"Follow me," the young woman said as she headed for the Kenobi house. Luke was taken away with her beauty. She seemed to be about six or seven years younger than him. The two weary people made it inside the house just as the Junland Wastelands were swallowed up in darkness. The young woman led Luke to a large room still cluttered with her father's belongings. She sat down and gestured for Luke to do the same.

"Please," Luke said as he looked into her blue green eyes, "Tell me your name." The young girl looked startled at the question.

"My name is Merrian," the woman paused, "Merrian Kenobi. What's yours?" Luke hesitated before saying, "I'm Luke Skywalker." Merrian fell silent then asked quietly, "Is your father's name Anakin?"

"Yes," Luke answered softly. Tears sprang to Merrian's eyes but none escaped. "What's wrong?" "My father told me that a former student of his murdered my mother after he fell to the darkside," Merrian answered.

"I'm sorry," Luke said.

"Don't be," Merrian said firmly, "What your father did is not your fault." Merrian paused then asked,"How did my father die?" "We were on a mission to Alderaan to help Princess Leia Organa," Luke began, "We ended up on the first Deathstar where your father died." Luke could still see the fatal blow to Ben's neck from his father's lightsaber.

"Thank you Luke," Merrian said softly.
"For what?" Luke asked, clearly confused.
"For coming." Merrian answered.

To be continued...of course!

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