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copyright 2000 by Tabitha M. Blackman

With the current release of STAR WARS: Episode One: The Phantom Menace, people are beginning to show more and more interest in it; not as much as when the movie hit the theaters back in May of 1999, but pretty close. Even though everyone went out and bought the movie, people are still complaining that Episode One just wasn't a "STAR WARS" movie. What more could they want? Episode One was a great movie.

Let's start with the basics: A good plot line in STAR WARS always consists of Good versus Evil and a big finale with a space battle and a lightsaber fight. Every true STAR WARS fan would see through the child-based movie, and look at the masterful Epic story telling mind of George Lucas.

Technology of graphic arts has always been top of the line for Lucas. Even though Episode One didn't win any positive awards for it's life-like generations of alien creatures and ships, doesn't mean anything. For the fans who enjoy not only the story but also the cool digital effects; this is there movie.

So the annoying sound of the gungan Jar-Jar Binks' voice has your dreams rattled for weeks, and all you can here is "okeday" this and "okeday" that. Or maybe you were too busy mocking Anakin Skywalker to notice the talents of Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor. Or perhaps you were too busy ranting on about Natalie Portman's looks to not even notice that Darth Sidious was in fact the same person as Senator Palpatine. If you missed those because you were preoccupied or thinking only negative thoughts, then what kind of person are you to judge a movie by what you thought you saw?

Episode One may not have beat Titanic with high the high income it made, but it sure was a whole lot better then watching a ship sink for three and a half hours. How long did it take the Trade Federation Station to blow-up? Ten minutes as the most. If you still don't agree that STAR WARS: Episode One: The Phantom Menace was a GREAT movie, then my suggestion is that you stay away from all of us who do.