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  Star Wars Information Centeral - [Leskel] 2.5 stars [Tabert] 3 stars

we know this dude (and his site) pretty well, we don't mean this as insults to his site, just constructive critisism.

Upon first entering this site I was greeted by a royal mess; random text that's centered making it stick out all over the place, two link exchange banners as well as one of those annoying geoguides, plus a bunch of giberish about supporting a friends site. In the midst of all this is a little button enter button, it's definitely not the first thing that catches my eye

for all the mishaps on the opening page, the main page is rather impressive. This site is bent on bringing more character, planet, alien weapon stats then you can possibly comprehend. Only one objection to the fact that the stats are purely stats with only name, speicies and... you get the gist. Some other features include Trivia, links, interactive story and a chat room.

This page uses frames, which for me is a plus in navigation. The design is nice, fast loading and easy to get around.
Over all this site gets 2.5 stars (Leah). Tabbi gives it 3. (note: since our review this site has been shut down and will no longer be updated)