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  The Jedi Smackdown- [Ben] 3 stars

When entering this site, one is greeted with some annoying banners. After actually going to the main page, however, the page is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The frames layout is convenient and easy to navigate. There are links to a number of sections on the main navbar, including Episode I, action figures, trivia, and easter eggs.

The sub-sections are generally pretty good, but they aren't spectacular by any means. The trivia section is paltry, the cut scenes sections is a little too concise, and the frames make it hard to get back to the main page once you go to the trivia section. While the site didn't make a good first impression, the other sections were pretty good. The easter eggs and Episode I information were especially impressive. News is always covered well.

The Jedi Smackdown is a small site, but it has some nice content. It has a nice layout and decent features. While it's not the best site I've ever seen, it's far from the worst. The site is definitely worth a visit. I give it 3 stars.