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  Sebulbas Pit Stop - [Leskel] 2 stars [Tabert] ??

It's a lucky thing we put off reviewing this site for so long because the first time I checked it out, I was greeted by a huge (and unattractive at that) image of sebulba taking up more space than my 800x600 had, meaning that there were scroll bars, both horizonal and vertical. Curently however, the image has been downsized and looks a lot more attractive.
That doesn't hold for the rest of the site though. Sebulbas pit stop is obviously made for a screen resolution much larger than my own and appears to have no consideration for those with differnt sized resolutions. the layout itself is a simple two table design, with nice look graphics though it is apparent that the artist is an complete amature.

Content wise this side does look pretty impression, that is until you actually check it out. Sections include information on all characters and cast from the starwars films as well as multimedia pertaining to them. There's also a chat room, trivia questions, game cheats and a few links including webrings and awards won. There's nothing special about that list, and certainly nothing special about the content of those sections. The information is terse if it's there at all and is poorly presented with a huge font face and not much information. The sound gallery has a mere three sounds amidst a huge mess of text and images and the character information that even the most basic starwars fan would know.

Overall this page is just bland, there's absolutely nothing here that you couldn't get at or even by watching the films. Also this site is hosted by geocities which means a url that literally no one can remember, and it's certianly not worth all the popups that appear at each page. My advice? take a pass.