We, the naboo palace staff, are currently in search of a staff member to oversee the Multimedia section on the site. This job would include uploading a completely original image gallery containing at least 40 images for each major starwars character (that has not been already been completed).
If you are interested, please contact the webmaster or fill out the staff application form.

we are also in search of a new place to host this website, especially after having a large chuck of this sites content deleted (primarily multimedia) from our account at tripod. If you have any information on any hosts, or have a domain (preferably starwars) and are willing to host the Naboo palace, please contact us immediately. Below are prefered specifications.

  • a large amount of webspace, around 30megs
  • minimal adds
  • a relatively short url

    many thanks, may the force be with you

  • Make your own free website on